Ace Frehley Speaks Up on Kiss’ Alleged Use of Pre-Recorded Tracks, Calls Out Paul Stanley

To some, it wasn’t really a shock that Kiss was caught in the act, doing what it seems to be using pre-recorded vocal tracks live. And, perhaps, a lot more. But thanks to modern technology and one Eric Singer’s error, we’ve got plenty of fan-filmed videos on YouTube as proof.

To make things worse, it was the band’s classic piece “Detroit Rock City.” The show in question took place in Antwerp, Belgium on June 6 and you can check out one of the videos showing the incident below.

KISS : Total Lip Sync Fail in Antwerp Belgium 6 June 2022 4K Paul Stanley

As one of the commenters on YouTube pointed out:

“For those who miss it: 1. Eric forgets to rest for a measure at 0:12, instead continuing to play the standard beat for two additional measures. The song is so simple for a seasoned pro like Eric that he’s zoning out during the show lol 2. Eric realizes he messes up, and begins the drumroll/breakdown a measure late.”

Some would put the blame on drummer Eric Singer. However, if you’re really using pre-recorded tracks in such a way to mime, or almost mime, to them and not entirely sing, then it’s the whole band’s fault.

Although no one from the band, or from their camp, has said anything on the matter, former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley decided to share a few words. On June 11, during his solo show in New York City, Frehley was just about to kick off “Detroit Rock City” when he turned to the audience and said (via Blabbermouth):

“This song’s a great song written by Mr. Paul Stanley. By the way, we don’t use tapes.

“Anyway, this one’s about a city in the Midwest on Lake Michigan. It’s called ‘Detroit Rock City’.”

We could call this a “jab” but it’s, honestly, more of a “sting” to say something like this not even a week after the incident. Anyway, here’s the video with Frehley’s comments.

Photo: amateur photography by michel (Ace Frehley (former KISS) played a free concert after the Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey game – Tampa, FL, 2011-03-11), Alice and Matt (Paul Stanley looking sober)

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