7 Electric-Guitar Gig Bags You Should Consider

Spending the time to pick out the best electric-guitar gig bag has a massive payback.

There was a time when gig bags were a sack of canvas with an eager-to-break zipper. Luckily, those days are a thing of the past. Today, the industry offers some faultless and well-crafted designs that can withstand being thrown off a roof, literally.

To us, a good gig bag is a worthwhile investment to ensure security and safety both on and off road. Neither a weekend jammer nor a true pro-musician should take that for granted. And if you aren’t willing to lug a flight case around, a padded gig bag is the next best thing.

To this end, we’ve surveyed the market and shortlisted the most current and relevant electric-guitar gig bags for you to consider. Our selection criteria include durability, interior quality, design features, ergonomics, carry comfort, and budget.

Every guitar player’s needs are unique and you are the best judge of what works for your situation. Nevertheless, all these gig bags will get the job done reliably, albeit in varying degrees. On that note, let’s look at our top three picks and then review all the options in further detail.

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Editor's Choice
Reunion Blues RBCE1

Reunion Blues RBCE1

Features: Shock absorbing Flexo Skeleton, Adjustable neck block, Quadraweave exterior

Benefits: Ultimate protection, Good Looks, Durable exterior shell

Best Value


Features: Tough denim exterior, 4 Storage pockets, Backpack straps

Benefits: Comfortable to carry, Heavy duty protection, Great aesthetics

Best Budget
Gator Cases Gig Bag

Gator Cases Gig Bag

Features: Reinforced headstock area, 10mm thick padding, Large outer pocket

Benefits: Excellent protection from bumps and knocks, Lots of storage space for accessories, Doesn’t add much additional weight

Our Top 3

Ibanez’s trendy denim-like 541 gig bag is a part of their highly acclaimed Powerpad series of guitar and bass cases. We’ve featured it based on its quality, storage, functionality, and well thought out design elements. In simple words, it ticks all the boxes a guitar player has in mind when looking for a gig bag. It’s tough exterior, high-quality stitching and generous dimensions will help your electric guitar endure minor mishaps during storage and travel. The trendy design is eye-catching and the overall quality inspired enough confidence for us to flaunt it as our Top Pick.

Our Best Budget pick, the Gator Cases Gig Bag, is a solid choice for those on a tighter budget looking for the maximum protection possible while still getting a quality product from a recognized name. This bag is all function over form, and while it might be considered plain, there’s simply no better gig bag on the market at this price point.

The Reunion Blues Continental Voyager is a notch above the rest when it comes to gig bags. Between the intelligent design, the ergonomic comfort, the military-grade Flexoskeleton, and the reinforced locking neck-block, the Reunion Blues leave its competitors in the dust. From flinging it roughly into your van to the apathy of baggage handlers at airports, there is nothing this case cannot handle. It makes a case so compelling that we had to honor it as the KGR Editor’s Choice.

Individual Reviews

Top Pick
Ibanez 541 Powerpad Electric Guitar Gig Bag

Ibanez 541 Powerpad Electric Guitar Gig Bag

Unique looks and excellent durability.

This is one of the most eye catching gig bags on the market. The denim look outer layer is scuff and tear resistant, it offers ample padding on the inside, and the backpack straps are some of the most comfortable you'll find on any gig bag.

Product Highlights:

  • Smart design elements
  • Durable and heavily padded
  • 4 Pockets: Ample space for storage
  • Eye-catching denim aesthetic
  • Best Value – our Top Pick

The Ibanez 541 design screams made by guitarists for guitarists. We’ve selected the fetching denim look with pale brown highlights, because black gig-bags are passé. Whatever the color, the Powerpad series also has all the standard stuff, if that is what you’re after.

As for the 541, it has a 42-inch length and measures 16 inches at the widest point. The fabric, zipper, and stitching are superior quality, truly worthy of the Ibanez tag it sports. Overall, it seems hardwearing. We highly doubt it will need replacing for years if used responsibly.

Every requisite part of the gig bag is heavily padded to mitigate knocks. Combined with the denim exterior, the 15mm padding will unarguably protect your instrument from dings or dents. It also includes a belt/strap that acts as a brace to keep the neck secure as you lug it around.

Comfort-wise, the bag scores a perfect ten. The shoulder straps are sturdy, stable, and securely fastened. Other noteworthy features include a carry handle to keep the bag vertical and heavy-duty zippers. It also houses four different pockets that are well placed and spacious.

This makes it easy to store everything from tremolo arms, notebooks, accessories, and more. This bag is primarily designed for standard solid-body electric guitars. Although, you might be able to fit a thinline acoustic and some Ibanez hollow bodies in it as well. However, you ought to check Ibanez’s online measurement guide to ensure it is suitable for your guitar make/model.

Verdict: The Ibanez 541 gig-bag is guaranteed to stand out in a room full of generic black gig bags. It looks great and has some practical and well-thought-out design elements. In general, this bag reeks of style and longevity. If denim is your thing, you don’t have to think twice before getting one of these.

Best Budget
Gator Cases Gig Bag

Gator Cases Gig Bag

An affordable, durable, and functional option from one of the biggest names in the business.

This is a brand name bag that offers fantastic reliability, good storage, and is incredibly lightweight. It’s a subtle option, with minimal branding and no real trim, so will likely appeal to those who like their gig bags plain. With 10mm padding, it offers decent protection, and is an all round great option for those on a tight budget.

  • Feature-packed & competitively priced
  • Waterproof exterior
  • Reinforced carry handle
  • Multiple colors to pick from
  • Best Budget option

Our Best Budget pick, the Gator Cases Gig Bag is a simple backpack-style sack that focuses on quality over flashy design. It has a very basic look, coming in durable black nylon, and has a full 10mm of padding to protect your guitar.

The headstock and bridge areas are reinforced on the interior of the bag. Not only does this provide additional protection to your guitar’s most vulnerable parts, but it also assists in preventing damage to the inside of your gig bag from sharp components like saddles and loose ends of guitar strings – an ingenious feature.

It features a single large, zippered storage pouch located over the body of the guitar. This pouch offers plenty of space for things like sheet music or tab printouts, picks, tuners, cables, or perhaps even a couple of smaller FX pedals.

The zippers on both the pouch and the main body of the bag are extremely heavy duty. We had no issues with snagging and it was clear to see that Gator Cases installed an extremely robust zipper. As this is often the first thing to break on budget gig bags, we were pleased to see they hadn’t skimped in this area. 

We also found that the handles, another traditionally weak point on cheaper bags, were well-reinforced and also very comfortable to hold. It was the same story with the shoulder straps. These simple nylon straps with moveable rubber pads, while not the most plush straps on the market, are designed for pure durability. If you don’t want to use the shoulder straps, they’re actually removable, which in our opinion is a great design feature.

This particular model is compatible with most standard electric guitars, including Strat/Tele style, as well as Les Paul/SG style models. It’s available in 11 different sizes, so if you do happen to have something like a baritone model, or a V/Explorer-style guitar, you’ll find a Gator Cases Gig Bag to fit.

Verdict: This Gator Cases Gig Bag is a high-quality option from one of the biggest names in guitar cases. If you’re looking for something inexpensive but durable, that’s well-made with good protection and comfortable to carry around, you can’t go wrong with this bag.

Editor's Choice
Reunion Blues Continental Voyager Electric Guitar Case

Reunion Blues Continental Voyager Electric Guitar Case

Extreme protection and excellent ergonimics.

The ultimate in guitar protection, this gig bag offers better protection than many hard cases for your most prized guitars. It's comfortable, built to last, and despite the additional rigidity provided by the "flexoskeleton" system, it weighs no more than a standard gig bag.

  • Shock-absorbent Flexoskeleton
  • Structural bracing and tough exterior
  • Ergonomic zip-away straps
  • Zero-G handle with memory foam
  • Excellent storage capacity w/ laptop/tablet pocket
  • KGR Editor’s Choice

Reunion Blues is a stalwart, esteemed for making top-of-the-line guitar cases since the ’70s in California, USA. The Continental Voyager is the toughest gig bag of its kind. It simply raises the bar in guitar storage and protection. The outer layer of this case is made from a proprietary Quadraweave and an internal impact-resistant Flexoskeleton.

To prove its mettle, RB even ran a campaign video where they dropped a CV gig big with a guitar off the roof of a building. The guitar emerged unscathed. The video went viral. RB Continental Voyager has become our favorite case for ultimate protection. You’d think this much protection would make the bag heavy, but it weighs no different than the others.

The gig bag dimensions are 40-inch length, 13-inch upper bout, and 14-inch at the widest point. Construction-wise, the industry-grade, high-tensile fabric offers optimal strength. The exterior is water-resistant and the heavy-duty zippers are fully reinforced for a watertight seal.

As for the aesthetics, the case has a stylish exterior with a black-heather finish. The back-straps are ergonomically designed to spread the weight evenly and can be zipped away when not needed. The Zero-G handle is another standout feature. It is a palm-contoured handle with weight-distributing foam and a reinforced seam. This allows for a “subway grip” for vertical carry.

It also includes a padded blue neck block – a propped up cushion with a Velcro strap – to keep the guitar neck from shifting around. The case features an EVA reinforced laptop/tablet pouch on the front panel alongside a multi-pocket system for storage.

Verdict: The RB Continental Voyager is a notch above the rest when it comes to quality, comfort, and protection. The ergonomic and comfort-oriented design features cutting-edge, high-tensile fabrics, a braced interior, and generous storage. It truly bridges the gap between a gig-bag and hard case with the perfect balance between protection and portability.

Also Consider
Fender FE1225 Multifit Gig Bag

Fender FE1225 Multifit Gig Bag

A water resistant bag that will keep your axe safe from the elements.

This plush Fender branded gig bag is stylish and strong, and offers lightweight protection for your Fender Stratocater, Telecaster, or any other guitar you might have for that matter.

  • Polyester case with 25mm padding
  • Highly adjustable neck rest
  • Microfiber interior w/ protective bumpers
  • Fully water-resistant exterior and zippers
  • Ideal for Fender aficionados

This product is an absolute no-brainer for any Fender guitar owners. At first glance, the FE1225 series gig-bags may seem a tad overpriced. However, once you survey the features and quality of the product, you’ll have to find another excuse not to buy it.

The construction quality justifies the price and then some. For starters, the padding is thicker than usual and the neck support is fully adjustable. It’s incredulously lightweight and reeks of longevity. Unlike other ‘thin’ gig bags, this is no glorified dust cover.

The case is made from 1200 Denier polyester, a proprietary material that doesn’t rip or tear easily. The whole case is flawlessly machined and the inlay includes a plush microfiber interior to prevent lint, which would otherwise damage the instrument’s finish.

The premium Fender gig bag is built to handle a lot of use. The adjustable neck rest makes it ideal for any make/model of guitar. In fact, this was designed to specifically fit the asymmetrical neck-shape of Telecasters. It also includes rubberized exterior bumpers on the bottom to help keep it upright.

The roomy outer pocket is spacious and ideal for stashing away cables, pedals, or sheet music. The carry handle and EVA Straps are well padded. The case sits well on the shoulder, although it does jut out and you’ll need to be careful around doorways. Overall, it’s an excellent gig bag that should serve your needs for many years to come.

Verdict: Though pricey, the Fender FE1224 is a practical investment. It’s an incredibly well-built guitar case with very little to fault. The finish, fabric, machined, and interiors are tailored to perfection. With the inclusion of the storage options, 25mm padding, and adjustable neck rest, Fender has truly come up with a winner.

Also Consider
Tosnail Padded Electric Guitar Gig Bag

Tosnail Padded Electric Guitar Gig Bag

A simple gig bag that's suitable for most electric guitar shapes.

If you need a simple gig bag to provide light duty protection from bumps and knocks, this is a great option at a great price. At 600d, it offers great abrasion resistance and features comfortable backpack straps for easy transport.

  • 600D water-resistant Oxford fabric
  • Reasonably padded for light travel
  • Neck support Velcro strap
  • Full-length 41-inch height
  • Good low-budget option

Tosnail’s Padded Electric Gig Bag is a good economy version in Amazon’s entry-level lineup. It is a no-frills solution that’s moderately priced and designed for light travel and reliably storing your instrument at home. It performs well in both of those tasks.

For the modest price tag, you get a full-length (41-inch) electric guitar gig-bag made from 600D Oxford material – a non-woven, high-density fabric that is flexible and water-resistant. The non-symmetrical shape suits a range of guitar make/models.

The bag is designed with a 10mm padding, which while on the thinner side, will get the job done reasonably well. It also features backpack-style straps that are comfortable. Additionally, it has two well-stitched handles to carry it vertically and horizontally.

The zippers are not as heavy-duty as the rest, nor do they seem to be reinforced, yet they do perform well for the price. They may be subject to wear and tear over time. As for storage, you get two large external pockets, one along the neck and one at the body.

While Tosnail does provide a neck-support pillow on the inside, there’s no Velcro strap to keep the neck in place. You’ll either need to be mindful of your instrument’s weight distribution when slinging it around or you could remedy this with a DIY Velcro installation. Overall, the Tosnail isn’t comparable to the premium options, but then again neither is the price tag.

Verdict: The Tosnail Electric Guitar Gig Bag is a low-cost option that provides reasonable protection. They offer a modestly padded and well-designed gig bag for under $20. The comfort, storage, and design get the job done, albeit in a middle-of-the-road manner. If you need something merely for storage and walking, this is a great bag for the money.

Also Consider
Donner Waterproof Gig Bag

Donner Waterproof Gig Bag

A durable and convenient option for budget savvy shoppers.

This is a solid option for storage as well as transport, thanks to the non-slip rubber grips on the base. Of course, it is designed to move, too, with wide backpack straps and a nicely padded carry handle for comfort.

  • Non-rip, waterproof nylon fabric
  • Long-lasting double-line stitch
  • Moderate padding and 39-inch height
  • Copious storage, 3 spacious pockets
  • Excellent economy option

Donner needs no introduction. They regularly feature in our buying guides and lists, and for good reason. They invariably produce high-quality products at a cutthroat price and their gig bag for electric guitars is no exception.

Made from non-rip 600D Oxford material, this waterproof gig bag is 39 inches in length – a hair shorter than the rest. The length may be an issue for certain full-scale necks, especially if they sport an abnormally large headstock.

This case may seem similar to Tosnail, but it’s more durable and has a few extra design perks on offer. For starters, it features a rubber-based shock absorber along the bottom to protect the cast when you rest it on the floor. This also acts as non-slip padding that prevents the case from sliding.

The overall machining, stitching strength, and zippers are of a better quality than similarly priced options. It hosts three separate storage pockets: a long and narrow one on the upper half of the front panel and two broad pockets for documents, tablets, and accessories on the lower end.

The flexible nylon exterior is water-resistant and provides a nice fit for most electric guitars. It has a 5mm layer of sponge padding, which isn’t premium by a long shot but still outclasses the cheap bog-standard gig bags. Like others, Donner has also included a neck-fastening brace with a Velcro strap to fasten your instrument.

The construction is stellar, which is why we’ve featured it. All seams and fixtures are double-line stitched for longevity and to resist wear and tear. It also features a reinforced side-carry handle. Given the price, the Donner case is a solid investment for those on a budget option. Though cheap, it has all the hallmarks of a well-made gig bag.

Verdict: Donner’s Waterproof Gig Bag is an excellent economy option for guitarists who need a reliable and sturdy case. The double line stitches, non-rip material choice give it a longer life compared to other options in this price bracket. It also features adequate padding and copious built-in storage, handy extras that aren’t expected among budget models. If you need a no-frills workhorse, the Donner gig bag is money well spent.

Also Consider
Cahaya Padded Electric Guitar Gig Bag

Cahaya Padded Electric Guitar Gig Bag

Handsome looks and comfortable handles and straps.

If you find yourself carrying your guitar outdoors frequently, this attractive, waterproof gig bag could be just what you're looking for. With heavy duty handles and strong stitching, it's built for guitarists on the move.

  • Tough, waterproof gray-weave fabric
  • Heavy-duty handles
  • Shockproof rubber panels
  • 40-inch height
  • Good value for money

Cahaya’s chic suede-looking case caught our eye as it bore the crown of Amazon’s Top Choice. On closer inspection, we found it to be a highly practicable backpack-style gig bag worthy of recommendation.

This waterproof case is made from a grey nylon weave that looks stylish and feels road tough. It stands at 40-inches in height and measures 14.8-inches at the widest point across. The gig bag dimensions will work for all solid-bodies – unless you have an oddly-shaped guitar or a bulky headstock.

The fabric, stitching, and machining are up to the mark and the case is a snug fit for all standard and ¾-size electric guitars we tested it with. Additionally, it also features shockproof rubber panels on the bottom and a heavy-duty carry handle that does a great job of balancing the guitar when held vertically.

It has an extra-large pocket for storage with another slip-in pocket inside it, but this pales in comparison to some other options. Yet, it does offer very comfortable shoulder straps, a handle loop for wall-hanging, and robust zippers that will withstand some rough usage.

Cahaya’s Gig Bag isn’t the case for pro-level protection. It’s made as a gig bag for beginner-to-intermediate guitar players who need a solid product for rehearsals and the occasional gig or two. Though nothing exemplary, there is a decent wad of foam (0.35 inches) to protect the guitar.

That being said, it can unquestionably handle light travel like short tours, local gigs, and the perils of trains, cabs, and vans. Overall, this is a stylish-looking no-frills case that strikes us as a good balance of performance and price.

Verdict: The Cahaya Padded Gig-Bag is an affordable, bare-bones option, ideal for students and/or intermediate guitar players. It’s sleek, rugged, stylish and can handle light travel without any concerns. At under $30, you’ll most likely feel you’ve got your money’s worth in terms of quality, comfort, and style.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to gig bags, we tend to think of them as an insurance policy for an instrument. We can happily spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on an instrument, yet we’ll readily make the lamest excuses when it comes to spending on cases for transport and storage.

To recap our favorites, the Ibanez Powerpad 541 gig bag was our Top Pick due to its high quality materials and well thought out design elements, especially for the price. Our Best Budget award went to the Gator Cases Gig Bag for giving good storage and sturdy construction at a low price. Finally, if price is not an issue, the Reunion Blues Continental Voyager is made from military grade materials that are comfortable and provide amazing protection without breaking your back! A no-brainer for our Editor’s Choice.

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