7 Guitar Pedal Power Supplies You Should Consider

Choosing the right power supply for your effects pedals is often an overlooked topic by many guitarists.

This is quite unfortunate because, in the process of assembling the best guitar rig for you, clean power is central not only to your tone but also to the protection of your valuable gear. 

This is especially true for larger setups. The more pedals you use, the more you’re going to need to keep your power as clean as possible. More pedals mean more sounds and possibilities, but it also means that unwanted hum and buzz may creep in to ruin the tones that you’ve spent so many hours crafting.

Ideally, whatever power source you go for should give you noise reduction as well as a cleaner and safer operation. With so many options in the market, we’ve brought you seven of the best choices available today. Keep reading.

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Editor's Choice
Truetone 1 SPOT PRO CS12

Truetone 1 SPOT PRO CS12

Features: 12 Total outlets, Fully isolated outputs, Switchable input voltage

Benefits: Can be used worldwide, Incredible noise mitigation

Best Value
Voodoo Lab Pedal Power X4

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power X4

Features: 4 Outlets, Tour grade aluminum chassis, Multi pole filtering

Benefits: Virtually noiseless, Great for travel, Easy to mount

Best Budget
Gator GTR-PWR-5

Gator GTR-PWR-5

Features: DC-isolated power outlets, Heat dissipation vents, 600 mA Power output

Benefits: Excellent heat performance, No need to buy DC power cables, Mounts directly to pedalboards

Our Top 3

The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power X4 is Top Pick for this list. It is able to handle different types of pedals, including power-hungry units, and offers noise-free operation on a compact form factor.

The Gator GTR-PWR-5 is our Best Budget Option. It comes with five isolated outputs and rugged construction. This unit is particularly good for folks with smaller pedalboards or setups.

Finally, the Truetone 1 SPOT PRO CS12 is our Editor’s Choice for this list. With great versatility and 12 fully isolated power outlets, this durable unit is capable of handling larger setups while offering clean power that preserves your tone.

Individual Reviews

Our Top Pick
Voodoo Lab Pedal Power X4

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power X4

A well-designed power source that can fit in tight spaces.

Voodoo Lab has a stellar reputation for building great power sources that are also very durable. The Pedal Power X4 is among their best, with a great capacity to handle power-hungry pedals, stompboxes, etc. It is built for stellar functionality to be used under a variety of circumstances.

The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power X4 can handle up to four pedals. This isolated power solution features a compact and very sturdy construction. It is built with an aluminum chassis that is small enough to fit in small pedalboard setups and also those with limited space. 

The Power X4 comes with four individual 9-volt outputs for great functionality. The X4 can handle a vast variety of pedal types, including power-hungry units like some digital reverbs and delays. 

In our tests, we felt how sturdy and well-built this unit is and were happy to see it fit well in our cramped pedalboard. The X4 adds up to 1000 mA of total current supply and can power standard battery-based pedals as well as high current DSP effects (with a 500mA max per output). 

Additionally, this unit comes with Voodoo Lab’s multi-pole filtering. This is a fantastic feature because it avoids unwanted AC noise that threatens the integrity of your signal. 

Another great feature of this unit is the 3M Dual Lock mounting tape. We used it to secure it to our pedal board, and it gave us the confidence to go on the road.

Overall, a great solution for your pedalboard, built with functionality and durability in mind, and small enough to fit in tight setups. 

Verdict: The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power X4 is built like a tank and can handle up to four pedals. One of its biggest strengths is its reduced size and road-ready aluminum chassis. Ideal for cramped pedalboards it supplies a total of 1000 mA and can handle power-hungry pedals.

Best Budget Option
Gator GTR-PWR-5

Gator GTR-PWR-5

A simple and direct approach to powering up small setups.

This power supply features a stylish design with durable construction to power up to five pedals. With low noise and switchable voltage operation, this unit can handle small pedalboards quite well, even when touring abroad.

The Gator GTR-PWR-5 sports a heavy-duty metal enclosure and features five isolated outputs and one AC power outlet. This unit comes at a low price point that will appeal to many guitarists on a budget.

Its durable chassis comes with vents to help with heat dissipation and features integrated slots for direct pedalboard mounting. This unit feels sturdy and can be an asset for the guitarist looking for solutions to power their pedals, while still adhering to a budget.  

This unit features five isolated outputs rated at 120 mA each with a 600 mA max. It can be a great option for folks with smaller boards or relatively simple setups. Gator also produces the slightly larger GTR-PWR-8 (with eight isolated outputs at 120, 250, and 500 mA, with a 1600 mA max output).

Another great feature of the GTR-PWR-5 unit is its AC power input with switchable voltage. Here you can choose between 115 v and 230 v to ensure safe operation in different countries. This is an absolute must for anybody that plays or plans to tour overseas.  

In our tests, the Gator gave us low noise operation and was convenient to use. It also feels sturdy and able to handle the rigors of the road as well as the rough live venue conditions that working musicians often face. 

This unit ships with five standard DC power cables as well as one polarity inverter cable. Overall, a great choice for guitarists that need functionality and durability but have a limited budget. 

Verdict: The Gator GTR-PWR-5 is a well-built and sturdy solution, especially for those with smaller boards. This unit mounts directly to any pedalboard and features switchable voltage operation and can power up to five pedals.

Editor's Choice
Truetone 1 SPOT PRO CS12 

Truetone 1 SPOT PRO CS12 

Maximum quality and flexibility to handle any pedalboard.

This power supply unit was made to work with virtually any combination of guitar effects pedals placed in front of you. It comes with 12 fully isolated power outlets that minimize noise and gives you uncompromised flexibility, versatility, and reliability.

The Truetone 1 Spot Pro features 12 fully isolated outputs to power virtually any effect pedal on your pedalboard. It comes with six 9 V outputs from 100 mA – 250 mA, as well as one 4 V to 9 V variable output. On top of that, you also get two high-draw 9 V outputs and two 18 V outputs. Add to that a 9 V AC output that can come in handy for powering older pedals. 

Another great feature of this unit is that outlets three through six are switchable between 9-volt and 12-volt operation for maximum flexibility and versatility. The bottom of this unit also features individual toggle switches to set up any combination of power values. 

This makes the Truetone 1 Spot Pro capable of handling an endless amount of pedalboard combinations and their specific needs. Furthermore, this unit comes with a variety of cables that range in length from 21” to 26”. Additionally, you get three adapters for pedals that require reversed polarity or different jack types. 

In case you have a Pedaltrain pedal board, the Truetone 1 Spot Pro ships with Mounting brackets included. Truetone seems to really have thought of everything when designing this fantastic power supply. 

In short, the 1 Spot Pro will cover the needs of virtually any pedalboard, even the ones with more eclectic pedals that demand specific power requirements. 

Verdict: The Truetone 1 Spot Pro is a great choice for discerning guitarists that need a premium unit. Besides offering low noise and durability, this unit features superior flexibility and versatility. With this unit, you will be able to power any combination of pedals, from modern to vintage. This unit will accommodate a great variety of powering needs.

Also Consider
Strymon Ojai

Strymon Ojai

Tons of power from a small and convenient box.

This unit offers the guitarist a lot of power, especially from such a compact-sized power supply. It is well built and rugged, and also gives you the option to expand it via other identical units or other Strymon power supplies.

The Strymon Ojai features five high-current outputs with an impressive capacity of 500 mA per output. All five 9 Volt outputs are individually isolated and provide ultra-low-noise operation. To top it off, each has dedicated regulators and custom transformers. 

In case your setup features more than five power-hungry pedals, you can connect additional Ojai units via a 24 V Thru jack, and operate your pedalboard seamlessly without the need to plug into a wall outlet.

We really liked how powerful, well-built and small these units are. It fits perfectly in the palm of our hand which is always a great feature to have on a power supply. 

In our tests, we easily made space for it in our cramped pedalboard. We were able to plug in our pedals and just forget about the unit altogether thanks to its superb low-noise operation.  

The Ojai also features two stages of isolation, great for ensuring you don’t have any ground loop problems or AC line noise issues. For those that play in different countries with different voltage standards, the Ojai features automatic worldwide power compatibility. 

You can also mix and match the Ojai 5 as it also comes in an R30 version for smaller boards, and a nine-output Zuma model for larger setups.

Although this unit is well built and very convenient, it does come with a separate expansion unit that may prove cumbersome as it resembles a laptop’s power brick. 

Verdict: The Strymon Ojai is a well-built and compact power supply that can handle up to five high-current pedals. With 500 mA per output and low noise operation, this unit is great for guitarists that run some power-hungry effect units. Additionally, Ojai units can be expanded by chaining them or adding other Strymon power supplies.

Also Consider
Ernie Ball Volt

Ernie Ball Volt

A power supply solution the size of a string package.

Ernie Ball has been a respected name in guitar circles for decades. They bring us a power supply that offers versatility at a good price and a very reduced size. This unit is sure to fit in crowded setups and can be combined with other Volt units in order to serve more pedals.

The Ernie Ball Volt is a small form factor unit that is a great option for very cramped pedalboard setups. It measures just 90 mm x 59 mm x 23 mm and comes with five 9 V/ 18 V isolated DC outputs at 300 mA. 

The Volt also allows you to daisy chain several units together in order to serve more complex pedal boards or just expand the number of pedals you can use. 

We like its simple and streamlined design. In our tests, the Volt behaved just as we’d expect, with no discernable noise and the ability to power up to five of our pedals. 

One of the features we really liked was their LED status indicators. This can come in quite handy when the stage gets darker, so you can clearly see what is happening with each input and output. 

The Volt was built with some safety protocols to protect your gear. It features a short circuit and thermal protection in order to safeguard your gear from damage. 

This unit also comes with a universal AC adapter with four interchangeable plugs. Each of these plugs features a different voltage spec so the Volt can be used in the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, and China.

While this is a good power supply that will get the job done quietly and nicely, it may not feel as sturdy as some of the other pricier models. 

Verdict: The Ernie Ball Volt is a good option for the guitarist who wants to eventually expand their pedalboard and have reduced space on it. This unit comes with thermal and short circuit protection to ensure that your pedals are safe.

Also Consider
MXR M239 Mini Iso-Brick

MXR M239 Mini Iso-Brick

A road-ready power supply that excels in functionality and convenience.

Here we have a 10-output power supply that can handle both analog and digital pedals with ease. It’s lightweight, highly versatile, durable, and will work even with pedalboards featuring eclectic, vintage and power-hungry pedals.

The MXR M239 Mini Iso-Brick features a compact design, a light yet durable aluminum chassis, and supplies a great amount of clean power. It was designed with ultimate functionality in mind with a built-in 18-volt wall-wart.

In our tests, we were able to use any combination of pedals with this unit, and it handled all of them beautifully. The ISO Brick comes with two 9 Volt outlets for 100 mA, 300 mA, and 450 mA. It also includes two 18 volt outlets at 250 mA and rounds it off with two outputs at 250 mA.

Additionally, you get voltage switching between 6 and 15 volts, LED status indicators, on/ off status. 

In our tests, we were able to get that ‘sag’ effect for vintage tones when we set the variable output at 6 V. The MXR was also a joy to use as it gave us fantastic noise-free operation, even with some of our older pedals and high gain effect units. Thanks to its fully isolated design we were able to just set and forget about it. 

Another great feature is that it can expand beyond its five outputs via the included splitter cable. This way you can connect two stompboxes to a single output in case you need to, as long as both pedals use the same voltage.

The ISO Brick is one of the most popular power supplies at this price range, and justifiably so. Despite all of its features and flexibility, some users may find that some of the outputs might not be convenient in every situation given their very specific specs.

Verdict: The MXR M239 Mini Iso-Brick is a small and lightweight power supply that is quite popular among guitar players. It features a sturdy aluminum chassis and four 9 V Outputs with one switchable 9 V – 18 V output and offers clean and noise-free operation.

Also Consider
Fender Engine Room LVL5

Fender Engine Room LVL5

Clean power on a rugged and convenient package.

This power supply gives you five isolated outputs so you can dial in your sound in a clean and quiet fashion. It is particularly good for smaller pedalboards, as it features a small size and weight. In case you expand your pedalboard, this power supply can handle that as well as it can be daisy-chained to make it scalable.

The Fender Engine Room LVL5 features five outputs (all isolated) and LED indicators in two colors. This unit is well built with a rugged aluminum chassis featuring ventilation slots that prevent overheating.

We liked how lightweight (just 375 grams) and compact it is. Naturally, this is a great feature not only for guitarists with limited space on their pedalboards but also great for minimizing the overall weight of your setup

Fender made sure that the LVL5 was versatile enough to serve a variety of pedals, from modern to vintage. Although the LVL5 will fit particularly well with smaller pedalboards, it can also be daisy chained in case you want to expand your setup. For instance, the LVL5 can work in tandem with the larger Fender LVL12, keeping the same level of clean operation and functionality. 

This rugged unit comes with Fender quality on its five DC 9 V 500 mA fixed ground isolated outputs. In our tests, we got a truly noise-free operation and were able to easily set it up on our cramped pedal board. 

And to give us further peace of mind, this unit is designed so the LEDs turn green to indicate current within specifications and red to indicate current overload.

For folks that tour overseas, the LVLV5 features voltage that goes from 100 V to 240 V, so you can choose the one you need depending on the country you’re in.

In short, this is a very good power supply, but its price may be a bit high for some guitarists. 

Verdict: The Engine Room LVL 5 is a well-built, convenient, and versatile power unit. It gives the user clean power on a compact and light form factor, and the ability to use it in foreign territories thanks to its variable voltage. In short, a nice option with the reputable Fender standard of quality.

How To Choose The Right Power Unit For You

Choosing a power supply wisely is very important for your tone, gear safety, and overall experience as a guitar player. There are some vital factors to consider when you’re in the market for a pedal board. Here we listed some of the most basic ones, which will set you on the right path to picking a power supply that suits your needs. 


Amperage refers to the available current going from the outlet on the wall to your stompboxes and pedals. It is measured in milliamps (mA) and amps (A) and basically tells you how many pedals you can power and how well

The sum of the current draw of all the pedals on your board is the total amperage required. You can find this information either somewhere around the power jack, or on the bottom of the pedal. This info is also typically available on the manufacturer’s website or the pedal’s manual.

In order to assure proper functioning, your unit should be at least that said sum of your current draw, but preferably more. 


An isolated pedal power unit is your best bet when it comes to cleaning up your signal. Everything from the substandard wall power and ungrounded power outlets, all the way to the varying voltage from different venues can severely affect the integrity of your signal.

And there’s more! Mishaps like unpredictable spikes and dropouts are not uncommon. An isolated power supply ensures that these unfortunate circumstances don’t mess with your carefully crafted tone.

It is also important to know that isolated power supplies come in two main types. Analog Linear Regulation Supplies feature large transformers that provide an isolated outlet to each pedal on your setup. 

These avoid crosstalk and coloration and are typically your best choice for rejecting the hum presented by noisy outlets. However, these power supplies tend to be big and are sometimes susceptible to proximity-induced noise.

On the other hand, Digital Switching Regulation Supplies take advantage of a more recent technology that has made power supplies smaller, lighter, cooler, and more powerful than before. 

Digital switching supplies function via a high-frequency oscillator that runs into discrete miniature transformers to send out isolated power to each outlet. 

In practical terms, this allows you to have more outlets bringing more current and on a smaller size. Switching supplies tend to be inferior at rejecting noise from wall outlets. However, they are more impenetrable to proximity-induced noise. 

Voltage Requirements

Voltage requirements for your individual pedals play an important part of the planning it takes to pick out the right option for your pedalboard. 

Most typical pedals come with a 9 V center-negative power input. Although it is true that any specialized unit will do, you may have some pedals that require 12 V, 18 V, or perhaps even 24 V of power

Even if you do not own any pedals that require something different than 9 V, it is possible that you may get one in the future. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to future proof yourself by getting a unit that has options beyond what you’re using now.

Please beware that trying to feed a 12 V pedal with a 9 V power supply may damage your stompbox in the worst-case scenario. 


Certain fuzz units and overdrives sound amazing when powered by a dying battery. Naturally, operating with a dying battery is not practical. Some power supplies allow you to recreate this “sag” effect by dialing down the voltage to simulate that killer, on the verge tone. 

Make sure you include this in your requirements for a new power brick if you like that particular effect or are just curious about it and would like to try it. 

Worldwide Switching

In case you travel or play abroad, making sure that your unit is equipped for overseas use is vital. Many manufacturers include this option in their pedals. Again, using the wrong voltage in the wrong country may irreparably damage your valuable gear.

Final thoughts

Choosing a power supply is an important part of setting up your pedalboard. You need to get one that works for your needs and particular situation.

To recap, The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power X4 is Top Pick for this list, as it can handle different types of pedals and on a compact form factor.

The Gator GTR-PWR-5 is our Best Budget Option, with five isolated outputs for guitarists with smaller pedalboards or setups.

Finally, the Truetone 1 SPOT PRO CS12 is our Editor’s choice for this list for discernable guitarists that are willing to pay for great versatility on 12 fully isolated power outlets that give you noise-free tone. 

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