The Big Shootout: Guitar Straps (With Comfort in Focus!)

Guitar straps are probably not the most exciting thing to shop for if you’re a guitar player. For most folks, guitars, amps, pedals, and even strings get far more attention than guitar straps. 

However, a good guitar strap can make a significant difference in your playing experience. You want your instrument to be secured while you’re giving it all onstage, and you also want to be relatively comfortable. 

Rest assured that the off-the-rack strap that came with your initial guitar starter package is not your best bet. There are far better options today. These are more durable, stylish, and far more likely to prevent discomfort or even pain. 

In this article, we give you some of the best options today, with a variety of materials, styles, and design types. Keep reading.

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Editor's Choice
Levy's MSSB17-BLK

Levy's MSSB17-BLK

Features: Garment leather construction, Red accent piping, 2.5" Wide

Benefits: Extremely comfortable, Made to last, Looks incredible

Best Value
Levy's PM48NP2

Levy's PM48NP2

Features: Neoprene construction, Leather end pieces, Adjustable length

Benefits: Super durable, Moisture wicking, Easy to adjust

Best Budget
Ernie Ball 2-inch Polypro Strap

Ernie Ball 2-inch Polypro Strap

Features: Heavy-duty woven polypropylene, Leather ends, 38–68 Inch adjustability

Benefits: Super affordable, Compatible with all guitars, Great range of adjustment

Our Top 3

The Levy’s PM48NP2 Neoprene Strap is our Top Pick. With durable and long-lasting construction, this strap offers comfort for players of nearly all types of guitars. 

The Ernie Ball 2-inch Polypro Strap is our Best Budget option. A comfortable strap from the string giant, this strap is widely popular among guitarists as it offers a straightforward and effective solution and comes in a wide variety of colors.

Finally, Levy’s MSSB17-BLK 2 1/2″ Wide Black Garment Leather Strap is our Editor’s Choice. This fantastic strap is made of neoprene with leather ends. It is shock-absorbent and a great option for professional guitarists who demand the best and are willing to pay for superior comfort and quality.

Individual Reviews

Top Pick
Levy's PM48NP2 Neoprene Strap

Levy's PM48NP2 Neoprene Strap

A durable and stable strap that does the job with style.

Levy's started small in Nova Scotia in 1973 and is now one of the top guitar strap producers in the world. Their straps are renowned for their durability, comfort, and overall quality.

The Levy’s PM48NP2 Neoprene Strap offers a nice width and features leather ends and neoprene padding with a shock-absorbing feel to it. It is not only comfortable and durable but also classy and stylish. 

Neoprene is a material that has increased in popularity thanks to its great properties. Used for a variety of applications, neoprene is durable, resistant, and even provides thermal insulation. All of this is for a relatively low price. 

The PM48NP2 Neoprene Strap is also more resistant to degradation than some of the materials used in other straps. This increases the lifespan of this strap, effectively giving you years of use and comfort. This strap features a width of 2.25″ and a length of 48″ to 58″.

We tried this Levy’s strap with our Fender Strat, Gibson Les Paul, and Ibanez semi-hollow. We loved how comfy this strap is with all of those guitar models, including our Les Paul, which is a bit heavy.

This strap gave us stability and ease of movement while we played and an overall feel of durability. More importantly, we felt comfortable while playing in a standing position.

This Levy’s strap was also easy to attach to different guitars. However, once attached, it was stable with not much wiggle room. In other words, we had our guitars right where we wanted them. 

Adjusting the height of the strap according to the guitar we were using at any given moment was also easy. In short, a fantastic guitar strap that gets the job done in style and fits a variety of instruments while remaining comfortable and stable. 

Verdict: The Levy’s PM48NP2 Neoprene Strap features neoprene combined with leather for a stable and comfortable playing experience. It also features Neoprene padding and shock absorbance and is more durable than many of the straps on the market today.

Best Budget
Ernie Ball 2-inch Polypro Strap

Ernie Ball 2-inch Polypro Strap

A comfortable strap from the string giant.

Ernie Ball has been one of the most respected string makers in history. They bring the same quality and approach to the accessories they make, and this strap is no exception. It offers you variety, durability, and comfort, all for a low price.

The Ernie Ball 2-inch Polypro Strap has become popular among guitarists thanks to its low price and various color options. This straightforward guitar strap has been used by guitar heroes like Eric Clapton, John Frusciante, and John Mayer, as it’s effective and gets the job done.

This Ernie Ball strap is made from polypropylene. This material has two big advantages and lends itself well to guitar straps. First, it is inexpensive, especially when compared to other common strap materials such as leather.

Second, and perhaps even more important, polypropylene helps produce lightweight yet extremely durable, strong straps. This Ernie Ball start also features a webbed construction, which makes it highly unlikely to stretch and very durable. 

We tried this guitar with our Fender Strat, Gibson Les Paul, and Ibanez semi-hollow guitar. The Polypro Strap simply got the job done at all times. It felt secure, easy to adjust, and comfortable, particularly with our Les Paul, which is heavier than the other two guitars. 

Besides its lightweight, durability, low price, and comfort, the Ernie Ball Polypro offers you a wide variety of colors available. You can get one to match the color of each of your guitars without spending a fortune. This strap features a width of 2″ and a length of 38″ to 68″.

From uncommon colors to combinations, rainbows, and more, this strap has got you covered. In short, it is a good option for players of all types looking for functionality and with a very durable and long-lasting material. 

Verdict: The Ernie Ball 2-inch Polypro Strap has been around for a while due to its durability, low price, and diverse color options. Despite its simplicity, it has been employed by many guitarists everywhere, including some of the most celebrated musicians of our time.

Editor's Choice
Levy's MSSB17-BLK 2 1/2

Levy's MSSB17-BLK 2 1/2" Wide Black Garment Leather Strap

Ultimate comfort, durability and quality.

Levy's offers a wide range of guitar straps and the MSSB17-BLK is arguably their best. This strap offers a superior level of comfort, as it is padded and nice to the touch. Add to that a very durable construction with genuine leather and you've got yourself one of the best options in the market today.

The Levy’s MSSB17-BLK 2 1/2″ Wide Black Garment Leather Strap is specially designed for discerning guitar players who demand the best. This strap offers superior comfort and quality and is made of genuine leather.

We tried this strap with our three main guitars: a Strat, a Gibson Les Paul Special, and an Ibanez semi-hollow body. We were quite pleased with how comfortable all of these instruments felt with the MSSB17-BLK strap.

However, we wanted to give this strap the ultimate challenge. So we pulled out a guitar we seldom use as it is too heavy and uncomfortable for live work: our 1985 Gibson Les Paul. At 12 lbs, this guitar is just too heavy and not worth the back pain that will likely ensue if used at a gig.  

We tried playing standing with it and Levy’s MSSB17-BLK, and it almost made us reconsider using it for gigging. We never felt so comfortable while playing standing with this particular Les Paul, and the leather was quite nice to the touch

Naturally, the guitar did not get any lighter, but we felt how the strap molded to our body and balanced the weight of such a heavy guitar. It also felt secure and just gave us great comfort overall. It has a width of 2.5″ and a length of 41″ to 56″.

In short, one of the best guitar straps we’ve ever tried – this thing will make your guitar feel snuggly and provide you with comfort while you play.

Verdict: The Levy’s MSSB17-BLK 2 1/2″ Wide Black Garment Leather Strap was made for professional guitar players who value quality and comfort while playing. This strap is made of genuine leather and molds to your shoulder, giving you a snuggly and comfortable feeling when standing up.

Also Consider
MONO M80 Betty Strap

MONO M80 Betty Strap

A comfortable and well-built strap for working guitarists.

Mono is a well-known name when it comes to gig bags and soft cases. They bring that same level of quality to other products, including the M80 Strat, which offers durability, and comfort. This strap is very well made and designed, much like the other products Mono is renowned for.

The Mono GS1 Betty Strap features a lightweight construction and a wide-wale design that distributes the weight of your guitar nicely. This strap offers a thin memory foam core that helps reduce fatigue during long gigs and makes the overall playing experience more comfortable.

The underbelly of the GS1 strat is made of Neoprene to let your shoulder breathe. This material also slides smoothly across your shirt or skin for fantastic comfort. This strap features a width of 3″ and a length of 47″ to 59″.

Besides smart design choices like Neoprene material for its construction, this strap also has other noteworthy features like a hidden mini pocket where you can keep some guitar picks, a slide, or even an e-bow for convenience. 

You also get matte black steel hardware as well as military-grade webbing for durability and a long life span. Mono is so confident about this strap that they offer a 3-year warranty

We tried this strap with our Strat and Les Paul and really liked how it felt. It was comfortable with both guitars, and its foam core had a positive impact on our shoulders. We also got a kick out of the hidden mini pocket, which is a fantastic design feature other strap makers should consider.

Overall, this is a very good strap for the working musician. Besides being durable, it is also quite comfortable. Naturally, some folks may not want to spend as much and will prefer more affordable options. 

Verdict: The Mono GS1 Betty Strap offers a lightweight and wide-wale design that helps distribute the weight of your instrument while providing great comfort. This strap comes with a thin memory foam core that helps reduce fatigue and is a great choice for working musicians seeking comfort and functionality.

Also Consider
LM Products The Valkyrie Viking Series Leather Strap

LM Products The Valkyrie Viking Series Leather Strap

A unique strap for out-of-the-box guitarists.

This strap is for folks that want a good product that is also truly unique. Simply stated, this Valkyrie Viking strap gives you comfort, quality, and durability with a heavy dose of swagger and originality that will make you stand out on stage.

The LM Products Viking Series Valkyrie Leather Strap is made of very durable belt-weight leather and is built to last for years on end. This is a well-built guitar strap that also features antiqued brass rivets, a chain, and a dagger.

In other words, this strap is for folks that want something off the beaten path with a traditional flair that sits somewhere between vintage and Viking. This strap features a width of 2.5″ and a length of 47″ to 59″.

Once you look past the unique flavor that this strat brings, it becomes obvious that it was built with high-quality standards. All LM Products are hand-built in the United States and have rigorous quality controls. 

That is certainly the case with the Viking Series Valkyrie Leather strap. We loved how durable it is, featuring genuine leather and sewn by hand with great attention to detail. 

We tried this strat with our Fender Strat and Gibson Les Paul. This strap was easy to switch from one guitar to the other and felt secure at all times. It did a nice job of balancing the guitar while we played standing up, and we felt that both the Strat and Les Paul were stable with just enough wiggle room to play well. 

We also got a kick of the brass rivets, the chain, and the dagger. These make an otherwise ordinarily looking strap become something unique. In short, a great strap with fantastic quality and durability. Naturally, the Viking look is not for everybody, and more traditional folks may want to look elsewhere. 

Verdict: The LM Products Viking Series Valkyrie Leather Strap brings uniqueness and originality thanks to its design featuring antiqued brass rivets, a chain, and a dagger. Beyond the unusual looks, this is a durable 2.5″ wide leather strap made with great attention to detail.

Also Consider
DiMarzio DD2200N 2 inch Nylon ClipLock

DiMarzio DD2200N 2 inch Nylon ClipLock

A secure strap with an added touch of convenience.

DiMarzio is one of the best-known guitar pickup companies in the world, particularly for shredders and hard rock players. They also produce accessories that are well-built and popular among musicians of all styles, and this strap is further proof of that.

The DiMarzio DD2200N 2-inch Nylon ClipLock Strap offers excellent strength and comfort for the modern player and is also very durable. It features a nylon construction and a 2″-wide ClipLock DD2200 for ultimate convenience. 

This strap is popular among regular players, as well as guitar legends such as John Petrucci, Yngwie Malmsteen, Andy Timmons, and Steve Vai. This DiMarzio strap also doubles as a strap lock system, giving you peace of mind and security when you’re playing. It measures 2″ in width with a length of 43.5″ to 63.5″.

This DiMarzio strap also features two brass bushings as well as long screws that allow you to modify your existing strap buttons at will. This way you can attach the ClipLocks to the strap itself. The ClipLocks features heavy-duty clips to avoid any accidents or mishaps with your guitar onstage. 

The DiMarzio DD2200N 2-inch Nylon ClipLock Strap employs the same material used on car seatbelts in order to provide you with a long-lasting product that is as secure as it gets. 

We particularly loved the quick release and attachment experience that this strap provides, as it allowed us to quickly change it from one guitar to the other. Additionally, this strat comes in a variety of color options so you can pick the one that matches the color of your guitar best.

In short, a great strap that is convenient, and durable while providing a practical system to attach it to your instrument. Because of the clips, it does have a unique look to it that may not appeal to everybody. 

Verdict: The DiMarzio DD2200N 2-inch Nylon ClipLock Strap offers exceptional strength and safety against slipping as it doubles as a strap lock. Additionally, it is also very durable and convenient to use, with a smooth nylon construction.

Also Consider
Gruv Gear John Patitucci Signature Strap

Gruv Gear John Patitucci Signature Strap

A fantastic strap designed for a virtuoso.

John Patitucci has been one of the world's most in-demand bassists for decades. From his groundbreaking work with icons like Chick Corea and Wayne Shorter to session work with legends like Sting, Pattituticci knows a thing or two about what makes a comfortable strap. Gruv Gear joined forces with this legendary bassist to produce a superior product.

The Gruv Gear John Patitucci Signature Strap features a classic style and was designed in collaboration with the legendary jazz bassist. This strat features leather and neoprene construction to deliver durability and comfort. 

This strap was also designed in conjunction with Dr. Kertz, a leading expert in musician health and ergonomics. The result is a 3-inch wide strap to distribute the weight of your instrument more evenly and be a bit easier on your shoulder. This strap features a length of 33″ to 54″.

We tried this strap with several of our guitars. In all honesty, we are not used to 3-inch wide straps, so we’re not so sure what to expect. However, when we really liked how the extra inch helps to distribute the weight of our instruments, particularly the heavier Les Paul.

This strap secured our instruments very well while allowing us to move them slightly when need be. It sat firmly and nicely on our shoulder and was also easy to change from one guitar to the other. We also liked its classic and elegant look that fits just about any playing situation. 

This strap was very comfortable and nice to the touch. The Neoprene backing gives the John Patitucci Signature Strap an even greater sense of comfort. Simply stated, this is one of the best straps on the market today. However, some folks may be put off by its high price and opt for more traditional and affordable choices. 

Verdict: The Gruv Gear John Patitucci Signature Strap comes in a classic style and is the result of the collaboration between the company, an ergonomics expert, and the legendary jazz bassist. With a leather and neoprene design, you get great durability and comfort for guitars and basses.

How to choose the Right Strap For You

Although the difference in straps is not as big as that of, say, multi-effects pedals, there are some important considerations. Like most things guitar-related, it all comes down to your needs and preferences

As a matter of fact, if you own more than one guitar, it is possible that you need two different types of straps. This is especially true if you play very different types of guitars. A Gibson ES-175 hollow body is likely to require a different strap from a low-worn Gibson Explorer

As usual, the best to find this out is by trying different straps and seeing what works for each situation. That said, we have a few pointers for you below

Length And Width

Length and width are among the most important aspects to consider when buying a new strap. The length determines exactly where the guitar is going to be positioned when you’re standing.

Some players like their guitars to be close to their chests. For instance, jazz guitarists will often play with the guitar fairly high up, a la Pat Metheny. On the other end of the spectrum, some rock players prefer their guitars to hang quite low, a la Slash. 

Straps made of nylon typically have a lot of wiggle room regarding their length, allowing you to set them low, high, or anywhere in between. 

On the contrary, leather straps do not allow that much flexibility when it comes to height. These types of straps usually rely on notches to change their height, which limits them a bit when compared to nylon straps. 

Another important factor that makes a significant difference in straps is their width. The weight of the guitar is spread more evenly across your shoulder if you have a wider strap. In other words, a wider strap tends to be more comfortable than a thinner one. 

Having a wider strap is especially recommended for folks who play heavy guitars like Les Pauls. Some wider straps also offer a bit of cushioning to enhance further the comfort they provide. 


Affordable straps are usually made of polyester, nylon, and similar synthetic materials. They are popular for the simple fact that they cost less, and are the usual choice of guitar packages for beginners. 

Although these materials make effective and simple straps, they are seldom as comfortable as leather straps. Additionally, synthetic materials are more prone to slipping with the fabric of your shirt and also tend to be hotter.

Materials like leather and neoprene offer more comfort and a better experience overall. Naturally, these straps tend to be significantly more expensive. 

Alternatively, some strap makers offer vegan leather straps that are an equivalent substitute for leather and give you the peace of mind of being fully cruelty-free.


Price is an important factor when deciding on a guitar strap. Some players decide to skimp when buying a strap. On one hand, this is understandable, especially after you’ve spent some serious money on a guitar or amp or both.

On the other hand, being comfortable also has value, and companies that make guitar straps know this. This is why pricier straps not only do a better job of distributing the weight of your guitar but also take into account other factors to deal with perspiration and provide you with durability.

In reality, it all depends on your needs as a guitar player. If you gig constantly, it will be almost mandatory that you spend on a pricier strap, as it will be more comfortable and durable. 

A good strap can prevent back and neck pain and give you a better playing experience. This is particularly true for working musicians that want to keep working for a while.

On the other hand, hobbyists who occasionally gig may do just fine with an inexpensive strap. You know best what your situation is and should plan accordingly.

Final Thoughts

To recap our choices, The Levy’s PM48NP2 Neoprene Strap is our Top Pick. With long-lasting and durable construction, this strap is comfortable and at a fair price. 

The Ernie Ball 2-inch Polypro Strap is our Best Budget option. This strap is among the most popular among guitar players, thanks to its simplicity and comfort, combined with various color options. 

Finally, Levy’s MSSB17-BLK 2 1/2″ Wide Black Garment Leather Strap is our Editor’s Choice. This strap is made for professional guitarists who require the best and are ready to splurge for superior quality and comfort. 

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