Boss Now Has a Preamp and Boost Pedal, Inspired By Their Vintage Analog Units: Here Are Some Details

With their classic old CE-1 Chorus Ensemble and legendary tape-based RE-201 Space Echo in mind, Boss have launched a brand-new pedal called BP-1W Booster/Preamp. “Legendary for their inspiring and influential effect sound,” CE-1 and RE-201 were also famous for variable analog preamp circuitry, which, according to the official press release, “instantly infuses any guitar tone with character, body, and richness.”

Well, with the BP1-W, you’ll be able to access these two preamps, all packed within Boss’ conventional pedal casing. In addition to these preamps, the pedal also serves as a regular clean boost. It’s also worth noting that the pedal is part of the company’s Waza Craft line.

Controls and Features

BP1-W comes with three basic controls on the top. There are knobs for level and gain. Along with that, there’s a 3-way position switch for three modes of operation. The two modes are for RE-style and CE-style preamps. The third one, labeled as “natural,” is a standard clean boost mode without any added coloration.

The gain control is your usual input gain. However, depending on the modes, you’ll get more specific types of saturation, giving that twist of the old CE-1 or RE-201 units.

You can check out the video demo below.

BOSS BP-1W Booster/Preamp | Sonic Sweetener

The level control, however, isn’t your usual output volume knob. To some extent, it also allows to blend the processed and clean tones. The official press release explains that “the Level knob lets the player balance the effect/bypass sound or push downstream pedal and amp inputs for further tonal enhancement.”

What’s Also Special About BP-1W

On top of this, there’s an additional switch inside the pedal for the type of buffer. It comes with two modes, one of which is “the pure signal of a standard buffer” while the other is “a vintage buffer with lower input impedance.” The STD mode brings 1 M ohm impedance while the VTG, or “vintage buffer,” has 100 k ohms.

The vintage-style buffer is described as having “a warmer tone and a smooth dynamic response.” Boss also adds that its “maximum benefits” are achieved by “connecting a guitar with passive pickups directly to the BP-1W’s input.” It’s also important to note that the standard buffer mode is always engaged for signal conditioning when the pedal is bypassed, regardless of the buffer switch setting.

Other than that, the pedal has the usual input and output jacks, as well as Boss’ conventional on-off footswitch.

Pricing and Availability

Although Boss is unveiling it today, the pedal will officially be available “in November 2023.” No exact date was set, but we can assume it will land as soon as the first day of the month hits any authorized US Boss retailers.

As for the price, Boss has set it at $169.99. You can find more info on the pedal on the company’s website at this location.

Photos: Boss


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