Demi Lovato Shares Honest Opinion on Nita Strauss, Opens Up on What It’s Really Like to Work With Her

Among rock fans, 2022 will be remembered as the year when Nita Strauss left Alice Cooper’s band to join Demi Lovato. But to everyone’s surprise, Lovato’s music is very rock-oriented. And it turns out that Nita fits in perfectly.

Demi Lovato “Cool For The Summer" (Live from Springfield Illinois 08-13-2022)

Even Demi Lovato confirmed this in a recent exchange with Variety. She brought in an all-female band and is currently promoting her latest album “Holy Fvck.” Discussing the band and Nita Strauss, Lovato said:

“Once the sonic journey that my latest album, ‘Holy Fvck,’ takes listeners on became clear. I knew I wanted to bring in a band for the ‘Holy Fvck Tour’ that is not just very skilled at live instruments, but also know how to have a good time on stage, and are performers in their own right.”

“Nita fit that description and more – we have so much fun rocking out in rehearsals and on stage. My band also happens to be all-female, which is empowering to me. Working alongside Nita has helped me rebuild my skills on the guitar and she’s definitely someone who I learn from each day. I admire Nita for being such a bad-ass rock guitarist in a male-dominated field.

Nita also shared a few words on this gig, explaining:

“I’m really excited about my next chapter. That’s everything from working with Demi to my new solo album.

NITA STRAUSS - Dead Inside (ft. David Draiman of Disturbed)

She also reflected on Demi Lovato’s new sound:

“Obviously, it’s a huge departure from what Demi did before. To see her fans embrace it with open arms, in a country where few speak English, is phenomenal to see. They’re even screaming the words to the new songs along with Demi, and the record is just out.

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