Donner Now Has Amazon Discounts for Guitars, Pedals, and Digital Pianos: Here Are All the Details

Instrument and music gear manufacturer Donner has officially announced their summer 2023 discounts in honor of the Donner Amazon Store’s 10th anniversary. In the company’s official press release, Donner reveal that the Amazon Prime Day sales will take place on July 11 and 12 and will include savings of up to $140 or 30% off on a wide range of their instruments and gear.

It’s been a whole decade since the release of Donner’s Yellow Fall Delay Pedal which debuted via Amazon. After a long successful run and a great rating, the company is celebrating with a sale. Dubbed the Summer Music Carnival, this whole sale is designed to keep the “mission of offering aesthetically-pleasing musical instruments with playability and innovation for beginners and aspiring musicians.”

Primarily, this focuses on their guitars, guitar pedals, and some digital pianos. Let’s get into all the details below.

Summer Music Carnival

Donner DEP-20 Digital Piano

On the list of products that are on sale right now is also Donner’s DEP-20 Digital Piano. This fine piece features 88 weighted keys with the feel being pretty close to the conventional acoustic pianos. However, it comes with not only a very compact build but also a plethora of great realistic sounds and presets. It’s your usual beginner-friendly electric piano, featuring an abundance of useful features that can serve even some of the more experienced players as well. You can check out the discount here.

How Good is the $359.00 Donner DEP-20 (Simular to Inovus I-88)

Donner DED-20 Electronic Drum Pad for Beginners

For all the aspiring drummers out there, a simple drum pad can get you going, without the need to get a full acoustic drum kit. DED-20 brings a 7-pad formation for practice and jamming. It also comes with two drum pedals, helping you emulate a full kit.

What’s also awesome about it is that it’s fully MIDI compatible. Apart from allowing you to control virtual drum plugins, you can also use it for games.

The top panel features quality silicone that makes for a realistic drum feel. There are also onboard stereo speakers and even headphone compatibility. For more info, click here.

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Donner DST-100S Electric Guitar Kit

And now for the good stuff, Donner is also bringing an S-style DST-100S guitar, along with all the stuff that a beginner player needs. There’s also an amp, a collection of free online lessons, a capo, a tuner, picks, and a bunch of other useful stuff.

Although an affordable beginner-oriented guitar, the DST-100S is a surprisingly good instrument. At this price level, you’ll get a guitar with an HSS pickup combination and 22 frets that’s also pretty reliable overall. We’d also argue that the instrument can serve you past the beginner phases. So it’s more than worth the cost. You can get the guitar at this location.

Can a CHEAP Guitar Be GOOD? | Donner DST-100R Beginner Bundle

Donner HUSH-I Headless Acoustic Guitar for Travel

Donner’s HUSH-I is a pretty interesting instrument. We’re looking at a “silent” acoustic guitar for practice. What’s more, the guitar features a “headless” design with tuning machines on the opposite end, behind the bridge. It comes with a piezo system and even an onboard 6.35-inch speaker.

However, you can also use headphones with this guitar or even plug it into a PA or a mixing board, or any similar device. You’ll be able to get some pretty realistic acoustic guitar tones from it, along with an incredibly comfortable neck and body. You can check out this interesting piece at this location.

Meet Donner’s Hush-I Silent guitar, the “ultimate portable, travel and gig-ready instrument”

Additional Deals This Month

Of course, this is not all. Donner has also prepared a few other goodies that will be available through their official channels. For instance, their MIDI keyboards are also on discount this month, including the DDP-80 Plus. You can find more info about that here. And here are a few other interesting deals:

These deals are available in North America, Mexico, Europe, and Australia. The press release also adds that discounts may differ depending on the location.

Photo: Donner


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