Epiphone Continues Gibson-Style Headstock Streak With Adam Jones Les Paul: This Is the Price

We’ve been getting a lot of interesting stuff from Gibson lately. But arguably, the most exciting releases are from their subsidiary brand, Epiphone. The newest addition to their arsenal is the lower-cost version of the 1979 Silverburst Les Paul replica, the signature model of Tool’s Adam Jones.

To address the elephant in the room — yes, this marks yet another Epiphone with a Gibson-style “open book” headstock. Kirk Hammett’s Greeny must have opened Pandora’s box, and it seems that they’ll be doing more of these types of guitars.

Apart from the headstock, the official press release says that there are a few other higher-end traits, like the “high-quality electronics.” Partnering with Gibson Custom Shop, the guitar also comes with the well-known Custom Shop logo on the headstock.

We’re safe to say that the Silverburst Les Paul was popularized by Jones himself. For the Epiphone version, they’re bringing more to the table. Apart from the expected mahogany body and maple top, the guitar comes with a three-piece maple neck and an ebony fretboard.

To enhance the aesthetic aspect, we can notice seven-ply binding on the body top, five-ply binding on the back of the body, and single-ply binding on the fretboard and neck. Accompanying this, we have Mother of Pearl Block inlays. And, of course, the much-appreciated silverburst finish.

Looking into the hardware, it’s business as usual with the bridge, tailpiece, and tuners. There’s also a Graph Tech nut, which is pretty much a standard for higher-end Epiphone guitars these days.

Things get fun with the pickups and electronics. The guitar is equipped with a Seymour Duncan Distortion pickup in the bridge position and — surprise, surprise — a reverse-mounted Gibson Custombucker in the neck position.

Things don’t end there. Accompanying them are CTS potentiometers and Orange Drop capacitors. Not to get too geeky about these components, but it’s something we’re used to seeing in more expensive, higher-end vintage and vintage-inspired instruments.

To round things up, the guitar also comes with artwork by Joyce Su and Adam Jones himself on the back of the headstock. It’s nothing too fancy, but it’s still an awesome addition to this new instrument.

This new LP also comes along with a Deluxe Protector Series hardshell guitar case, as well as the replica of the two-inch convex mirror, Adam’s famous addition on the Gibson version of the guitar. As for the price, we’re looking at the same deal as with the Kirk Hammett Epiphone Greeny — $1,499.

It’s the highest we’ve seen from Epiphone so far, but we’re also seeing Gibson going way out of their comfort zone on these new instruments. The Gibson Standard version is currently listed at $2,999, while the Gibson Custom Shop has long been sold out, and you can find it at much higher prices through online marketplaces.

Photos: Gibson/Epiphone

  • David Slavkovic

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