Ex-Megadeth Guitarist Recalls Dave Mustaine Talking About Metallica: ’He Always Has to Find Someone to Disparage’

Former Megadeth guitarist Jeff Young looked back on his time in the band and recalled what the band founder and leader Dave Mustaine was like to work with. Currently playing in Kings of Thrash with ex-Megadeth bassist David Ellefson, Young sat down with Metal Edge to discuss this new band as well as what Megadeth was like back in the late 1980s when he was a member.

During the interview, the guitarist recalled joining the band and working on what was to become the “So Far, So Good… So What!” album that was released in 1988. But as he recalls, there have been some red flags very early on in the album’s recording process:

“Pretty early on in the sessions, [drummer] Chuck [Behler] got arrested for trying to score black tar heroin. I knew then and there that I wasn’t in Kansas anymore.”


“So, Chuck was in jail, and that freaked me out. I promised myself then and there, ‘I’m gonna stay in this thing for as long as it’s healthy for me.’ And you can trace what happened from that moment onward.”

Discussing his work with Megadeth further, Jeff admits that he would have loved to stay in the band but he and Mustaine eventually parted ways in 1989. As he explained:

“Sure, I would have loved to have stayed in Megadeth. But it was to the point where you had a guy suffering from paranoid delusions freebasing drugs 24/7.”

Into The Lungs Of Hell / Set The World Afire - Kings Of Thrash - Phoenix 10-13-2022

One of the stories about Young’s departure from the band still flying around claims that he allegedly made a move on Dave Mustaine’s then-fiancé. But to this day, the musician denies these allegations and admits that he’s not very happy with what Megadeth fans think of him:

“It never happened. But these are the bullshit lies that have been spread repeatedly. To this day, Megadeth’s fans look at me weirdly. And to be honest, I don’t really appreciate it.”

When asked about Mustaine and how the Megadeth frontman still apparently holds grudges against him, Young replied:

“I think we all know people who are both narcissistic and insecure at the same time. Dave has never been the type to want to share the glory. My time in the band was basically witnessing a giant power trip.”

Kings Of Thrash - Full Show, Live at The Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville Va. 3/10/2023

“I always thought of Dave as being similar to Dennis the Menace. He’s the kid in the sandbox who can’t share his toys. And when you have that personality type, you never get over things.”

Discussing the issue further, Jeff also reflected on Dave Mustaine’s tendency to talk about Metallica, the band he was fired from and that remained sort of a rival in the metal scene for many years. Young elaborated:

“It’s why he keeps on talking about Metallica. Even back then, I was like, ‘Dude… why can’t you get over that?'”

Megadeth So Far So Good So What! Interview

“Dave always has to find someone to disparage. But it’s not just me. And if it was just me, why has he run through so many different people over the years? Sure, it may be peaceful now, but don’t let him fool you; he’s the same guy that he always was. It just depends on the day.”

These days, Young is a member of King of Thrash, a band he formed with another former Megadeth member, bassist David Ellefson. As you might already know, Ellefson was fired from Megadeth back in 2021 after a recorded private video chat between the bassist and a fan was leaked online.

During the interview, Young also discussed David Ellefson and what he was like to work with in Megadeth, as well as their current collab now in this new thrash metal band. He offered:

“I was always cool with David. But back then, he was trying to be a toxic twin with Mustaine, you know? He knew who was buttering his bread, and he’s got an amiable personality, so I get where he came from.”

Dave mustaine explains how Jeff young and chuck behler got fired

“So, fast-forward to when David got kicked out of Megadeth when we got together; it was cool because we kind of got to know each other through a different lens for the first time.”

“And here’s the thing — David is a great ambassador to metal, and he’s great at bringing people together for different projects. Looking back, I feel we could have been or should have been closer back then, but I just didn’t get to know him on that level.”

“I didn’t want to be around cigarettes or blow, so I roomed with Nick [Menza] back then and stayed low-key. The crazy thing is that when David and I talk, we both have the viewpoint of people who went through a traumatic event.”

JEFF YOUNG Responds to DAVE MUSTAINE Over Ex-Megadeth Members Never Amounting to Anything

Kings of Thrash are currently preparing to release their debut full-length album. Apart from Ellefson and Young, the lineup consists of drummer Fred Aching and vocalist and guitarist Chaz Leon. The band was also famous for bringing in another ex-Megadeth member, guitarist Chris Poland, who’s well known for his work on the legendary band’s first two records.

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