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7 Best Guitar Wall Hangers or Mounts that are easy to install (2023)

From beginners with one guitar to blues lawyers with a music room full of classics, everyone needs a place to put a guitar.

Here at KGR we’re big fans of hanging them on the wall – this way your guitar is always there to remind you to practice. It’s also super helpful to have a guitar at hand when inspiration strikes, as opposed to having to go open cases.

To prepare this article, we got the whole team on a zoom call and talked through the guitar wall hangers that we own and like (and had a good laugh at the ones we hate) and came up with this list of what we think is the best guitar wall hanger for every situation.

If you need to conserve floor space, or have kids running around that will knock a guitar off a floor stand, a guitar wall hanger is the way to go – and these are our top choices.

Best Guitar Wall Hanger or Mount: Our Top 3 Picks

Our Top Pick was the Hercules GSP38WBK Plus – This is a sturdy wall hanger that can accommodate any kind of guitar. We loved the premium construction quality and thought that it had an extremely trustworthy locking mechanism – something you really need to guarantee the safety of your guitar. This is a no-brainer for Gibson guitar owners because it proudly claims to be nitrocellulose safe i.e. it will not cause any issues with the guitar finish.

If you are looking for a functional and cheap (but reliable) wall hanger, you can opt for our Best Budget option WOGOD Guitar Hanger – it is steady, sturdy, reliable and gets the job done at half the price. For a little more money, you can opt for the Gator Frameworks guitar wall hangers, which are ideal for matching to your room décor as they have the most finish options among our list.  

If you’re willing to spend a bit more to get the best possible guitar wall hanger, and you’re happy to step outside the conventional choices, our Editor’s Choice, the Bikoney Wall Hanger w/ Shelf is a fantastic option. It has a hardwood wall mount with 3 brass hooks, a shelf and a plectrum holder to keep you tidy and organized.

Best Guitar Wall Hanger or Mount: Individual Reviews

Best All Round

A well engineered wall hanger designed for maximum security.

This wall hanger is without a doubt one of the best designed models on the market. It offers auto locking, excellent padding and protection, and secure mounting points.

Product Highlights:

  • Excellent Adjustable Design
  • AGS – Auto Grip System
  • Easy to install
  • Durable construction
  • Best All Round Guitar Wall Mount

Rating: 5/5

After extensive research and real-life testing, the KGR team unanimously agreed that the GSP38WBK Plus was the top guitar wall mount or wall hanger in 2021. We found that it gave us a great mix of functionality, protection, durability and design. We particularly loved the reliable AGS locking mechanism, excellent design, and the higher load-bearing capacity.

Unlike most guitar wall hangers we encountered, this wasn’t another run of the mill V-fork that uses the curvature of the yoke to seat the bulge of the headstock to hold a guitar in place. It had an auto grip design with two locking tabs that locked up when we placed a guitar in it, and unlocked as we lifted it up. This eliminated all concerns about our favorite guitars being accidentally knocked off or damaged.

The high-quality foam padding on this guitar hanger was nitrocellulose-safe and did a great job of protecting the necks and headstocks from damage or scratches. We were able to angle or adjust it, and found that it and handled asymmetrical shapes with equal ease. It was sturdy enough to handle a 5-string Fender Precision bass without showing any signs of stress.

The product shipped with three drywall anchors and screws. We simply needed to place the guitar hanger against the surface and mark the spot where the screws go in with a pencil. We had no trouble installing the guitar wall mount with the help of a screwdriver and ¼-inch drill bit.

Verdict: The GSP38WBK is our top pick for the best guitar wall hanger. The well-functioning auto swivel yoke, thick foam padding, and the added protection of the auto grip design provide a lot of value despite the relatively higher price.

Best Budget

This simple and sturdy hanger does the job on a budget.

If you're not looking for fancy solutions, this Y yoke hanger offer simple installation and reliable performance for very little money.

Product Highlights:

  • Simple and reliable design
  • Best No-frills option
  • Safe and secure fit for all guitars
  • High quality foam padding
  • Includes 4 picks and a keychain
  • Affordable product with good value

Review: 4.4/5

This WOGOD stand, which may have otherwise flown under the radar, caught our attention because of its online popularity. At the time of this review, it was the top Amazon Choice for a guitar wall hanger with 1k+ five star reviews. After getting hands on with one for ourselves, we can attest to the fact that it’s a surprisingly high-quality guitar hanger that even came with some extra goodies.  

For around $8, we got a guitar wall mount with four guitar picks and a ‘pick-pouch keychain’. The product also shipped with wall anchors and screws. The easy installation process took less than ten minutes.

The yoke arms were covered with a thick layer of foam padding, and as there were no new scratches on the finish on any of the guitars we put in it after the test, we can gladly say the padding did its job. In terms of security, this wall hanger didn’t provide the same level of safety as a hanger with a locking mechanism, however, the curve on the yoke extension is deep enough to ensure reliable storage.

The construction was great for the price and it was handle up to 20lbs of weight without flinching. On the downside, this guitar hanger provided less clearance from the wall compared to other guitar wall hangers in the roundup. Nevertheless, we were able to remedy this by sticking a few strips of foam on the wall; parallel to where the guitar body hangs to ensure that it didn’t bang against the wall when we put it down.

Verdict: We think that the WOGOD guitar wall hanger is the best budget option on the market, with that opinion being backed up by thousands of content customer reviews. The product makes no extraordinary claims; it just delivers a reliable and sturdy wall hanger with a plectrum goody bag for a very reasonable price.

Editor's Choice

A multifunction guitar hanger with all the bells and whistles.

Not only does this hanger offer a secure storage solution for your guitar, it also provides a handy place to store picks, tuners, and other accessories - a truly outstanding option.

Product Highlights:

  • Unique all in one design
  • Hand painted solid wood
  • Classy design w/ functionality
  • High value for money
  • Lifetime Warranty

Rating: 4.25 / 5

The Bikoney guitar wall hanger (and shelf) is a neat alternative to the swivel yoke design. It was handcrafted from solid Paulownia – a wood that’s renowned for excellent flexibility and durability. The well-balanced construction holds the instrument securely and can handle 22lbs of weight.

We loved the top shelf parapet on this guitar hanger, which was fitted with a notch for storing guitar picks or thumb picks, as well as the 3.25 x 9.5 inch shelf – which was ideal for putting a capo or clip-on tuners. It had three brass hooks which were ideal for hanging guitar straps and cables. 

The curvature on the wood alone was sufficient to hold aven a full depth acoustic guitar reliably in place while maintaining a reasonable distance from the wall. This guitar hanger shipped with all three bronze hooks preinstalled, along with the hardware necessary for installation, and even included a screwdriver – something we thought was a really nice touch.

The holder surface was layered with thick flannel to prevent scratches on the headstock. The flannel was soft enough to cradle the headstock, we think the course fibers may still lead to scruffs and scratches over time. If this is a concern for you, though, you can remedy this easily with some DIY foam installation after you buy it.

This is a great option for people looking for something multi-purpose and beyond the mundane. It came in six different finishes, from vintage white or vintage black to weathered walnut, so there’s really an option for everyone.

Verdict: We’d gladly recommend the Bikoney guitar hanger because the shelf is spacious, the design is functional, the material is durable and, despite the $20+ price tag, the performance more than justifies the cost.

Also Consider

The ideal solution for those looking to hang multiple guitars.

Players with several guitars will appreciate this flexible wall mounting solution from String Swing. It comes with 5 hangers, all of which attach to a rail allowing for adjustment depending on the depth of your guitars.

Product Highlights:

  • 5 adjustable hangers
  • Slatwall rail with end claps
  • Ideals for guitar shops and collectors
  • Handcrafted in USA
  • Lifetime warranty

Rating: 4.5/5

For those of us who believe that there is no such thing as too many guitars, the String Swing Guitar Keeper Bundle is a reliable and cost-effective guitar hanger, and is way to store your prized collection. It is a safe and sturdy solution to decluttering a room and offers several adjustable options to customize your display.

Like all String Swing products, this bundle was handmade in the USA with rigorous QA that was evident in the faultless fit, finish, and construction. The SW5RL-C-K looked elegant, felt durable and included a lifetime structural warranty. 

The base of this String Swing guitar hanger included a sturdy aluminum slatwall and two end clips, powder-coated with a copper finish. It had two rails with multiple studs where we were able to slide in the five hangers and seal them in with the slatwall clips. It’s a versatile unit, and is easily one of the best guitar wall hangers on the market. Whether you’re trying to hang bass guitars, electric, or acoustic guitars, you’ll find they fit easily and hang securely.

The hangers each had a seven-inch arm length that we thought provided plenty of clearance from the wall. We were able to slide each arm along the rail to create the ideal distance between guitars, too. Additionally, the two-inch adjustable swivel was able to be adjusted to make every guitar face forward, right or left – something we didn’t find in any of the other options.

Each arm had a robust yoke with super high quality foam padding to protect guitar finishes from scratches and scruffs. The curvature on the yoke was deep enough to provide safety against slippage, and the pivot made it ideal for asymmetrical headstocks.

This fantastic String Swing guitar hanger shipped with all the essential mounting hardware and we were able to install it in a matter of minutes. Given that it has a modular design, if you need additional hangers, you can purchase the BCC03RL-3K to add more guitars for display.

Verdict: If you’re looking to hang several guitars in your collection from the wall, the String Swing Keeper Bundle is the way to go. Normally you would expect a US built multi-hanger of this quality to cost over $200, but String Swing managed to knock it out of the park for a fraction of the price.

Also Consider

An attractive yet sturdy wall mouting solution.

This model comes from a brand well known for their guitar storage solutions. Thanks to its hidden screw design, it looks ultra sleek, something that will definitely appeal to those looking for great aesthetics.

Product Highlights

  • Rubber swivel yoke for firm grip and cradling
  • Dapper decorative wall plates
  • Available in multiple finishes
  • Safe for Polyurethane finish
  • Finish Option: Cherry, Black, Mahogany, Maple and Satin Chrome

Review: 4.5/5

Known for their guitar cases, Gator also makes a range of simple but super functional guitar wall hangers that come in a wide range of finish options.

While most companies fail to venture beyond the all-black or black/wood design, many of us are looking for a guitar hanger that matches the room décor. Gator Frameworks has the perfect solution to hanging a guitar stylishly and securely in your home, studio or office.

In practice the hanger felt as deep as the others in this round up, if not better. The arm distance and the foam padding provided a safe and snug fit for all types of guitars (check out our guide to all types of guitar here), and the overall construction and immaculate finish added a lot of value to the product as well.

The swivel yoke was able to support angled headstocks like the Telecaster quite easily. A slight nudge or knock won’t bang the back of your guitar against the wall because the yoke extension provides ample clearance for both electric guitars and acoustic guitars.

Unlike other products on this list, we thought that the decorative wall plate of Gator Frameworks concealed the mounting hardware nicely. This touch of minimalism gave it a chic and elegant look. As mentioned earlier, it came in a range of finishes, and this also applied to the base plate, with cherry, black, mahogany, maple and satin chrome options all being available.

It came with all the required hardware, too, including the screws and drywall anchors that you’ll need to mount it properly.

Verdict: The Gator Frameworks wall hanger is affordable, sturdy, reliable and straightforward. The installation barely takes ten minutes and the product can easily withstand the weight of the heaviest bass guitar you own, and also offers enough clearance for a full depth acoustic guitar, too. If you dig the aesthetic, it can follow up with the functionality and promise of a quality product.

Also Consider

A top quality hanger for the most demanding users.

This US made wall hanger is built to last - it offers rock solid construction, ultra high quality padding, and a choice of light or dark finishes for the solid hardwood base.

Product Highlights:

  • Foam padded yoke extensions
  • Solid hardwood base
  • Available in light/dark finish
  • Easy to install
  • Made in USA

Rating 4.2/5

The String Swing guitar hanger is made in America and assembled with a solid hardwood base and an adjustable yoke. The wooden base is covered in a lacquer coating and you can choose between a light or dark stain.

The pivoting yoke on the String Swing CC01K is one of the key selling points for this product, and for us, was a real difference maker. We found it to be especially useful for guitars with irregular headstocks like the Telecaster.

At first, we were a little concerned that there was no kind of locking mechanism, whether automatic or manual, but after rigorous testing, we found that the deep bend in the yoke did a consistent and reliable job of preventing any sliding out or topping over.

The only downside we could find was that it felt a bit too tight for the wide necks of classical guitars. Also, as per the manual, it was rated for 15lbs of weight, which was less than a lot of the competition.

Regardless, we think this wall hanger is built to last, and shipped with everything e needed, including with a woodblock, yoke, two screws and two drywall anchors. The instructions in the package were easy to follow and installation took only around 10 minutes.

Verdict: At under $15, this is the highest selling guitar wall hanger from String Swing and for good reason. You can save more money if you opt for a 2 pack or 3 pack of the same product. It offers a secure storage option with functionality and rock-solid construction.

Also Consider

A new approach to wall mounting guitars.

Whether you don't have the space to hang a guitar vertically, or you just love the idea of having your instrument oriented horizontally, this unique hanger provides a whole new way to wall mount a guitar.

Product Highlights

  • One-piece horizontal guitar wall mount
  • Available in narrow and standard profile
  • Sturdy construction and snug fit
  • Alternate design to conventional product
  • Made in USA

Rating: 4/5

Unlike the typical vertical wall hangers on the market, the String Swing CC151 guitar wall hanger is a flat guitar wall mount with a horizontal profile. This one-piece unit consisted of a base plate and an adjustable hanger rod with two hooks – one for the guitar body and the other for the neck. The base plate and rod were powder-coated steel with a black finish.

We loved that we could adjust the angle of the connecting rod to hang our guitars at a custom angle. This wall hanger is also available with a narrow profile that would be ideal for electric guitars, or narrow body guitars, and also in a standard profile that will work well for an acoustic guitar.

While it is a very different approach to hanging the guitar on the wall, it does feel like much more wall sis being taken up, and makes the guitar a dominating feature of the room. If you’re looking for subtle, this wall hanger is not the way to go! Despite the lack of any functional benefit to this design, we still thought it was very well made, and is definitely a conversation starter. It also took longer to place the guitar and remove it than it did with a regular yoke-style guitar wall mount.

On the plus side, thought, the sideways rest prevented guitars from swaying or swinging with the wind or when bumped, and made it impervious to being knocked against the wall. Both the hooks have sufficient protective padding that we found to be gentle on the instrument without compromising on support.  

Verdict: We can’t fault the construction, durability, or finish of the string swing horizontal guitar hanger. Although, it does cost twice as much as most other products on this list. However, since it is our job to inform you of all the top-shelf products out there, we thought it would be important to include the best horizontal guitar hanger on our list.

How to choose the Best Guitar Wall Hanger or Wall Mount For You

Here are the salient features of any first-rate guitar wall hanger that you ought to be aware of before you make a purchase:

A Good Grip & Secure Fit

A good wall mounted guitar hanger is stable and holds on to your guitar as dutifully as you would. You don’t want to worry about a slight nudge or a slammed door knocking your guitar off the mount and onto the floor of your music room. Nor do you want a gust of wind from the window to make it swing precariously. For these reasons, we have only listed products with reliable locking mechanisms, slip guards or a deep curvature on the yoke in our best wall mounts for guitar list.

Durable & Sturdy Construction

No one should have to keep buying and fitting new wall hangers every few months. Each installation costs more money and will inevitably mean that you need to drill new holes and cause damage to your home. Even if you’re replacing it with the same product, it’s never a good idea to reuse the same holes. And if you are buying the same product over and over again, that doesn’t bode well for the quality. Secondly, the guitar hanger has to be sturdy because you will be using it frequently and/or hanging a costly instrument on it. Hence, durability and construction quality were our chief considerations for shortlisting the best guitar wall hangers.

Neck Protection

The back of your acoustic or electric guitar neck, right beneath the headstock, will maintain constant contact with the guitar wall mount. Any guitar hangers you buy should have high quality foam or rubber padding that will respect the satin or lacquer finish on the back of your guitar-neck. Any erosion, discoloration or scruffs will greatly diminish the aesthetics and resale value of your instrument. Our team has ensured that all products in this list are ‘finish-friendly’ products that are gentle on the guitar-neck. Gibson owners should opt for a stand that is nitro-safe or they can wrap the contact points in cotton or felt to preserve the neck/headstock finish.

Killer Guitar Rigs FAQ

How do you install a guitar wall mount?

All guitar hangers in our list ship with screws and wall anchors. In the reference image, you can see two screws + two drywall anchors setup and a visual indication of how to install it in the wall.

  • Step 1: Place your unit by the wall where you want to install it and make marks for the holes with a pencil. Do not mount the unit on a thin wall or plasterboard. Use concrete walls or wall with a thickness more than that of the screw.
  • Step 2: Use a 0.25 (1/4) inch diameter on any drill to make holes to insert the wall anchors. Do not drill with anything that has more than ¼ diameter as it can make the hole too large and the fit will be precarious and wobbly.
  • Step 3: Insert the wall anchors into the holes. Place the plate above them and screw the base plate into the wall.
  • Step 4: Once the base plate is fit, screw in the guitar mount into the plate tightly.
  • Step 5: Gloat over your efforts and brand new guitar wall mount on Instagram and don’t forget to tag us #KGRigs

Are wall mounts bad for guitars?

Good quality guitar wall mounts (like any of the options in this roundup) should be as sturdy and reliable as a floor stand or as safe storing your guitar in a case. A deep curve in the yoke or a locking mechanism eliminates any safety concerns, and as long as you’re mindful of the guitar wall hangers’ material and your guitar’s material, you won’t run into issues.

Is it okay to mount guitars on the wall with guitar hangers?

Guitar wall mounts that are fit properly will remain sturdy and won’t let the back of your guitar touch a wall. This is a good thing because guitar wood can pick up moisture and dirt from the wall once it comes into contact and we most certainly don’t want that to happen.

Is it OK to hang a guitar using a wall mount hanger instead of a floor stand?

Yes absolutely. If you have the space for it (and no kids running around) a floor stand is a good way to keep your guitar at hand, but just go to any music store, look at the number of guitars on wall hangers, and you’ll know they are just as safe as floor stands, maybe even more so.

Final Thoughts on Best Guitar Wall Hanger or Mount

If you’re concerned about having your guitars on the floor, picking the right guitar hanger or guitar mount will give you peace of mind. Small kids and animals are a risk to guitars on stands, so hanging them on the wall is the safest way forward!

To recap our favorite guitar hangers for acoustic, electric, and bass guitars – our top pick was the Hercules GSP38WBK Plus thanks to its great blend of price and quality. Our best budget choice was the WOGOD Guitar Hanger – these guitar hangers are super affordable, easy to install, and surprisingly good quality. Finally, if you’re looking for the best guitar hangers bar none, we think you’ll love our editor’s choice, the Bikoney Guitar Hanger w/ Shelf.

Before you leave, make sure to check out some of our other trending buying guides and reviews, such as our guide to making your own 50c DIY capo, our choices for low action acoustic guitars, and our rundown of Angus Young’s guitar picks.