It Seems That DigiTech and DOD Have Been Dropped By Parent Company Harman, Many Are Speculating Surge in Used Pedal Prices

According to a new video published by Ryan Bruce (aka Fluff) of the Riffs, Beards & Gear YouTube channel, it appears that DigiTech and DOD brands have been dropped, reports Gear News. Although there have been no official statements by their owner Harman, both DOD and DigiTech have been taken off the list of the company’s active brands. Speculations by various other outlets, including, have speculated that the two brands are either sold to a new owner or that have been completely discontinued.

As Fluff explains in the video, plenty of people online have noticed that Harman has removed DigiTech from its listed brands on their website. In addition, people who ordered DigiTech pedals through the brand’s official website had their orders canceled. If you visit the DigiTech website, none of the products, including DOD ones, are available. You can see that in the screenshots below.

According to, a Wayback Machine search reveals that the products were available in February this year. So it seems that the change has been recent. The source also adds that “Some users discussing the topic on The Gear Page reported being able to purchase pedals from the site as recently as 4 April.” In addition, it seems that DigiTech hasn’t been active on social media, with their latest post being almost one year old at the moment.

The news was immediately followed by comments of people expecting prices of used DigiTech and DOD pedals to rise. At the moment, these are just speculations but we’ll follow the prices on This is also a developing situation and we’ll inform you in case any new statements are shared.

It’s also worth noting that Harman is owned by Samsung. As Gear News explains, the entire DigiTech development team was fired a few years ago. You can check out the Riffs, Beards & Gear video below.

Was Digitech Just Discontinued?

Photos: DigiTech website screenshots, Wikimedia Commons


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