Joe Bonamassa Takes Aim at ‘Overprocessed’ Music Today, Explains Why He ‘Always Really Liked the Rival Sons’

In late October 2021, Joe Bonamassa released his fifteenth solo record. Titled “Time Clocks,” it comes with 10 new tracks with the musician further defining his recognizable brand of blues-rock.

At the same time, we can still notice that he’s gravitating towards the old-school blues. And, to some extent, this also includes production and mixing practices.

That’s probably why Bonamassa is also a fan of Rival Sons. As he revealed in a recent appearance over at My Planet Rocks show while discussing his favorite younger bands today, he explained that he “always really liked the Rival Sons,” calling them “a great band.” Joe added (via Ultimate Guitar):

“I just like what they do, I like their take on it. There’s so many great up-and-coming bands right now that are really at the forefront of this next generation of blues and rock and this, kind of, a hybrid of styles. I mean, the Rival Sons have always been at the top of the heap in media, as far as like the new rock, I really dig what they’re doing.”

When the interviewer brought up a “resurgence” of bands that are playing “proper” music today, Bonamassa explained his dissatisfaction with the state of music today, offering:

“The music-consuming society has been fed this overprocessed Pro Tools music. You want to go out and hear music and know that the singers actually sing and what you’re hearing is live. Yeah, because, who cares if there’s mistakes? That’s the best part. I’m gonna make a mistake in like, five hours, probably right off the bat. I think the bands like Rival Sons represent that new generation of bands that are just going, ‘Hey, we’re just gonna plug in and go.'”

Joe Bonamassa is currently promoting his latest record and will soon kick off his U.K. and European tour. The run starts off on April 20th in Glasgow and winds up in Paris, France on May 7th. On August 2nd, Joe will kick off his U.S. tour which is planned to last until August 19th. You can get more info at this location.

Photos: Wikimedia Commons, Rick Horn via Rival Sons official website


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