Justin Bieber Recruited John Mayer for New Album, Praises Mayer’s ‘Wicked Guitar Solo’

Fans of guitar-oriented music are often gatekeepers. But we’d argue that new and unexpected combinations of musicians are always refreshing. Even if it’s a guitar master like John Mayer joining a pop superstar Justin Bieber. Yes, according to Bieber’s words, John Mayer is contributing – or has already contributed – to his new album.

During a recent interview on The Ebro Show and as reported by Pop Crush, Bieber revealed some details about the new album, saying that he’s “wrapping it up.” He also adds:

“It’s almost done. It sounds really good. I’m really excited about it. I got a lot of cool features and yeah, it should be dropping not too long from now.”

He then also added (via Guitar.com):

“John Mayer is on the project,t which is pretty sick. Wicked guitar solo, so that was really cool for me. He’s someone who I’ve looked up to for a long time.”

“So we were at Henson the studio and I was working on this song and he came in and he’s like, ‘Can I go in the booth?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, bro, go in.’ And so he went in the booth and then he came out and he laid a guitar solo and it was just like, it was mind-blowing to see him actually operate in his gift like that – being able to, like, see it firsthand because, like, he is on another level.”

After that, Bieber simply added that Mayer’s playing is “insane.” No surprises there.

John Mayer Live at Madison Square Garden - Night 1 2022-02-20

While Bieber isn’t exactly the most popular artist among guitar-wielding music fans, we can’t help but notice that his music has changed a lot over the years. For instance, “Love Yourself” is a great example, featuring a jazzy-vibe guitar backing Bieber’s vocals. Unfortunately, it seems there’s no definitive info on who actually played guitar on the track.

Justin Bieber - Love Yourself (PURPOSE : The Movement)

John Mayer is currently on a US tour and will soon commence his run with Dead & Company. Their summer plans wrap up on July 16 in New York City. You can get more details on his website here.  

Photo: Wikimedia Commons (Lou Stejskal, Justin Bieber in 2015), Wikimedia Commons (JD Lasica, John Mayer (352582868))


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