Mike Patton Calls Mötley Crüe’s Vince Neil ’Fat and Old,’ Clarifies Recent Disparaging Comments About All Singers

Faith No More frontman recently sat down with Revolver magazine to discuss various topics in the wake of his new album with the side project Dead Cross. The album in question includes lyrics that reference various famous bands and artists, all through the prism of Patton’s distinctive humor.

Among other people referenced in new songs is Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil. When asked about the reference and reminded that he was always kind of “anti-Vince Neil,” Patton replied:

“What did I say again? I forget. Wasn’t I kind of making fun of him? Oh, yeah: ‘Like a Vince Neil who sings too many songs.‘ Yeah, like fat, old — we all know where he’s at now. I’m conscious of that, and I also fear that I may become that. [Laughs] So why not talk about it?

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We have no doubts that Patton will get some attention, both positive and negative, for this statement. This is, however, not the only one in recent months since the Faith No More vocalist recently got into the spotlight for his comments about all of his colleague singers. Calling them all “fucking idiots” for thinking that “they own the fucking show,” it was only obvious that he’ll be asked about the comments in the interview.

In particular, Revolver asked him how this stance affected his writing process on the new Dead Cross album. He replied:

“I don’t know if it affected the way the music was approached, but it definitely affected my approach. I’d been a replacement singer another time, with another band. [Laughs] That was Faith No More, and our first record took off. It was a great success.

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“Then, once I dug my teeth into it on the second record and integrated better, that’s when we found our collective voice.

“And I would say the same with this band. The first record was like, ‘Here’s the music — go!’ That’s not to say it was a rush job, but this one was a lot more thoughtful and methodical. And it took a lot longer due to the pandemic.”

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