Myles Kennedy Opens Up on His Fear of AI and ’Nonsense’ Business Side of Music

Just like many rock and metal musicians these days, The Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy doesn’t feel all too comfortable about the use of artificial intelligence in music. Appearing on The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins’ podcast, “Justin Hawkins Rides Again,” addressed the rise of AI and what it can potentially bring.

After Hawkins discussed how even the slightest nuances in Myles’ voice, which he’s known for, could one day be completely replicated using any form of AI, he also said that it wouldn’t be easy to replicate an actual person at a live show. Kennedy then offered (transcribed by Killer Guitar Rigs):

“I mean, that’s what I’m wondering, but you’re right. All that stuff really concerns me genuinely. Especially as a songwriter, because I feel like in five years, we’re gonna get to a point where it’s kind of like it is now in the studio realm, where when you listen to a vocal, you’re like, ‘Well, how much of that vocal was doctored with pitch correction? How much of that was actually the singer able to hit the notes?'”

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One of his fears is whether people won’t be able to differentiate between actual human-made music or AI-generated stuff:

“I’m afraid that, as time goes on with AI, ‘How much of that song was actually written by that artist versus AI?’ And that really concerns me because how does that work? I don’t know. I don’t. I think that sucks.”

This kind of goes hand-in-hand with what Kennedy mentioned in another part of the interview. Although known for his impeccable and impressive vocals, Kennedy says that it’s those little imperfections that make the music so appealing to us. Addressing how some producers tend to overuse the pitch correction methods, Myles said:

“If you’re like swooping into it, if you’re coming into the note, some guys will just take that and make it perfect, just flat lines. That doesn’t sound like a human being! [Laughs] But yeah, [the voice] is an expressive instrument. It’s kind of like the slide guitar, right? The human voice and the slide guitar kind of have that emotional quality because they can swoop into the notes.”

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During the same interview, Myles also touched upon another tough issue — the business side of things. As he explains, making and performing music is why he’s in it in the first place. However, although he feels weirded out by some aspects of it, The Alter Bridge frontman says that this business side is “just as important,” if not more. He said:

“I love creating music. I love performing it. The business side of it and the nonsense that goes on there is a bit of a head-scratcher and always has been. So if I was talking to a young artist, I would say: make sure you have a great attorney that you trust and find good management.”

“And that’s a lot of it. You know, it’s funny, like good songs and talent and the whole… that stuff is important, but I feel like that other element of having your team in place is maybe just as important, if not more important.”

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Nonetheless, despite facing the everyday problems that all of us mortals face in any profession, Myles is here to stay. After all, it all comes down to making music that he loves and, as he says, “chasing” songs. When asked what are “the best things about working in the music industry,” Kennedy took a few moments to think about it and replied:

“For me, it boils down to the songs. It’s chasing songs down when you feel like you have something special and then documenting it. Especially — you know how it is — when you’re in the studio, the basics are done, and now you’re doubling guitars, and you start to hear the stereo spread, and then the vocals coming on.”

“And it’s just this thing that was in your head is now this tangible thing that exists and has been documented. There are very few things in life that get me off like that does. And you get the goosebumps, hopefully.”

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But as Myles also adds, there’s still a lot of hard work, and he has to be hard on himself. But at the same time, chasing that potentially great song is the most important part:

“I’m pretty hard on myself as a writer, and — we all are — with the people I work with, but when we feel like we’ve got it right, it’s that ‘Oh, I think we might have something with this one.'”

“So it’s the thrill of that chase. I love that. I love that. I love standing on stage and listening to people sing your songs back to them. I really get off on that tremendously… [Laughs] That somebody has listened to something you’ve been a part of enough to know it and oftentimes knows the lyrics better than you do because I have a horrible memory. So yeah, things like that. Just the best.”

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