Neural DSP Now Offers Genuine Vintage Tones With the New Guitar Plugin, The Morgan Amps Suite

Well-known for their Quad Cortex guitar amp modeler, Neural DSP have launched a brand-new plugin for all those who want a real vintage feel in the form of software. The Morgan Amps Suite delivers “tonal sophistication and feature-laden functionality of Morgan Amplification,” as their official statement reveals.

So… What’s the Deal?

Without any hesitation, we can easily say that Morgan amps are some of the finest on the market. At the same time, Neural DSP are known for their digital replicas of famous amps, often using the actual brand and product names. There’s the Soldano SLO-100 and Mesa Boogie’s legendary Mark IIC+. They’ve also collaborated with many great guitar players for plugins, including Dream Theater’s John Petrucci, Mateus Asato, Plini, Tom Morello, and others.

But the new collaboration with Morgan Amplification is special. Not only are these high-end amps that we’re sure are difficult to replicate, but the plugin itself manages to capture the real touch and dynamic feel of these units. Morgan was started by Joe Morgan back in 2009, and they’ve pushed the bar higher in the industry.

Francisco Cresp, the CPO of Neural, shared a statement on this new plugin, saying:

“What we share with guitarists is a deep and abiding respect for legacy sound. Our modeling technology has been able to precisely capture the nuances and features of the Morgan amps, and bring them to life in a plugin version for anyone to access to their fullest extent.”

What’s Included in The Morgan Amps Suite

The plugin itself consists of three main amplifier models. These are:

  • AC20
  • PR12
  • SW50R

As you’d expect from the designated name, the AC20 is inspired by Vox’s legendary AC30. It’s a 20-watt single-channel amp that’s still capable of saturated high-gain tones with certain settings.

Then we have the PR12, which is a Fender Princeton Reverb clone. As is the case with American-style amps, this model comes with a lot of headroom, which is great for clean tones. However, it can also get those juicy overdriven tones when pushed to its limits. And, of course, there’s also its unique reverb.

And the SW50R is a clone of Dumble but with Morgan Amplification’s specific twist. The replica of this 50-watt “boutique” amp can achieve some serious high-gain tones “for grunge and stoner rock,” as the press release reveals.

And There’s More…

Apart from these amps, the plugin also includes a bunch of other useful features. In fact, if you want a genuine tone with a serious old-school feel, it comes with all the required tools you need to get there.

As they explained, the plugin includes “a full array of pre- and post-amplified processing.” For the “pre” section effects, we have stuff like compression and overdrive pedals. Although replicas of industry-standard pedals, they come with their unique twists.

In the post section, we have the expected vintage-style tape delay. However, it also includes tempo synchronization, the “ping-pong” mode, and even high-pass and low-pass filters for more control. In addition, there’s also a standard reverb.

Apart from this, Neural DSP also included a few other goodies within the plugin, such as The Morgan 112 Speaker Cabinet, a 9-band graphic EQ with low- and high-pass filter for each of the three amp models, transpose feature that goes anywhere from -12 to +12 semitones, a “doubler” feature for a “simulated stereo field,” a metronome, and a tuner.

What About the Price?

The plugin is now available at Neural DSP’s website at this location. The prices will differ depending on the region but are roughly the same. It’s the usual $99 or €99 β€” pretty much the standard for Neural DSP plugins.

Sharing more insight into this new release, the company offered:

“With the introduction of the Morgan Amps Suite, Neural DSP has precisely and authentically virtualized the sonic uniqueness of this very 21st-century amplifier company that combines the best of classic amp design and contemporary electronics, making it easily and affordably available to everyone who ever longed to have that unique Morgan tone at their command.”

Photos: Neural DSP


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