Ola Englund Reacts to New Metallica Song, Weighs in on Lars Ulrich’s Drumming

In a new video on his YouTube channel, Solar Guitars owner and The Haunted guitarist discussed various topics, including Metallica’s newly released song “Lux Æterna.” After hearing the song, he said (transcript via Ultimate Guitar):

“It’s a new Metallica song, the production is great. The song is… okay… [laughs] It’s a good song, the more I listen to it, the more I enjoyed it, obviously. But it’s a very rockabilly, driving-a-car type of song. You know, to me, it just sounds like Metallica becoming old.

“Does that make any sense? They sound old. They have a little bit of a Motorhead and maybe even a Megadeth vibe to the riff right there. But I guess they’re old people now, and it’s old people’s music, that’s okay. It’s still enjoyable to some extent.”

Metallica: Lux Æterna (Official Music Video)

Another thing that Ola wanted to address is Lars Ulrich’s drumming and overall drum production. Some of the fans and listeners addressed the song’s double pedal use and that it sounded as if it wasn’t him but rather a polished studio work, something that we’re not used to from lars. He said:

“Obviously, it’s a new Metallica song, people have to complain. So people are already complaining about the drum sound of this. You know, Metallica has had a history of weird choices when it comes to drum production. [On] ‘St. Anger’, the snare was basically an oil drum, and people complain about that. But, you know, it made that album that album. Now people are complaining about the kicks.”

Metallica - St Anger [Full Album | HQ]

He also adds:

“I don’t know if you noticed, but there’s a fair bit of double bass drum action in the beginning. And Lars, he doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to the double kick drum as of late.

“I mean, remember ‘One’… that was his prime. And nowadays, maybe not his prime. But in the song, it’s pretty freakin’ on point. Maybe he practiced, you know, that could have actually happened. You know, people can better themselves. How about that?”

After a lot of anticipation, Metallica surprisingly released this brand-new song in late November. The announced album is titled “72 Seasons” and is expected to land in April 2023. However, make sure not to fall for scams online regarding this album announcement. You can read more about that here.

Photos: S. Bollmann (The Haunted Rockharz 2015 11), Ralph Arvesen (Lars Ulrich 2017)


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