Radio Station Had to Apologize After Playing Steel Panther Song, Here’s What Band Had to Say About That

Steel Panther are no strangers to controversy these days. And the last one to hit them is from a radio station called LM Radio. The station, which appears to be from South Africa, ended up playing one of the glam metal band’s songs. But, as you may already know, Steel Panther lyrics tend to be deliberately over-the-top. And the song in question was “Glory Hole.”

With such a title and the opening lyric that goes “There’s a place in France where the naked ladies dance,” one can already assume where the song is headed. Fortunately, we’re talking about a radio station so it was only the lyrical content that supposedly shocked the listeners. Imagine if they were to watch the NSFW music video.

Anyhow, the whole thing broke out after the radio station shared the news on their since-deleted Facebook post. LM Radio said this in their official statement (via Loudwire):

“On behalf of LM Radio. I want to apologize unreservedly for the song ‘Glory Hole’ by Steel Panthers [sic] that was played just after 2 pm yesterday (Sunday).

Steel Panther - Gloryhole [Live in Australia] [Proshot]

“This song, together with others from Steel Panthers [sic], was inadvertently backed up onto our Server following the cyber-attack on our systems earlier this year.”

“When an Hour is short-scheduled, the system automatically includes songs to fill the hour. ‘Glory Hole’ was unfortunately the song picked by the system.”

“We have immediately deleted ALL Steel Panther songs from our Servers. I again apologize for this and assure you that the content of that song does not resonate with who we are as a radio station and as individuals.”

As mentioned, the post is no longer present on the radio station’s Facebook profile. But the internet doesn’t forget. Here’s the screenshot:

So no more Steel Panther on LM Radio. But it seems that for Steel Panther there’s no such thing as bad publicity. The band reacted to the whole thing by sharing the station’s post and writing:

“They say, ‘We’re sorry.'”

“We say, ‘You’re welcome.'”

And there was also this…

In his new Instagram post, the band’s singer Michael Starr reacted to the news shared by Loudwire. The musician simply said, “This happened and it’s awesome!” You can check out the said post below.

Over the past few years or so, Steel Panther have been involved in a few controversial online and offline disputes. The most famous one is arguably the whole “Pussy Melter” story from 2018. After an online petition and some outrage, TC Electronic had to remove a TonePrint for one of their delay pedals which was named “Pussy Melter.” The preset was free of charge and was done in collaboration with Steel Panther guitarist Satchel.

Steel Panther's Satchel Tests Out 'Pussy Melter' Pedal

The whole thing got a lot of attention from the online guitar-playing community. And the band used the attention to launch a limited-production distortion pedal under the same name. After a while, they re-issued it under the “Butthole Burner” name.

Photo: Frank Schwichtenberg (Steel Panther – Elbriot 2016 05)

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