50 Sad Songs to Play on Guitar

At its very core, playing music and the guitar is a way to explore emotions. It can provide the perfect outlet when we’re facing difficult times and feeling sad. And through playing music, you can also evoke these same emotions in others. So having some beautifully sad and moving songs in your repertoire is a great thing as a musician.

That is why we’ve put together a list of 50 sad songs you can learn to play on the guitar. We’ve made sure to include both video lessons and tabs to make learning them as easy as possible.

Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton

Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton | Guitar Lesson (Tutorial) How to play Chords/Fingerpicking/Solo

Click Here for tab for Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton

You can really feel the emotion and difficulty Eric was going through when he wrote this song with Will Jennings. It’s about the passing of Eric’s 4-year-old son Conor. Despite the tragic story and meaning behind the song, it deeply resonated with his audience. It became one of his best-selling singles and was ranked in Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

This is a fingerstyle song played in standard E A D G B E tuning. You will be playing a bassline with your thumb while your other finger picks the melody. These two elements combined will clearly outline the emotive chord progression used throughout the song.

Yesterday by The Beatles

Yesterday Guitar Lesson - The Beatles Guitar Tutorial 🎸|Fingerpicking + Standard Tuning + TAB|

Click Here for tab for Yesterday by The Beatles

As the best-selling band of all time, The Beatles have no shortage of world-class emotional singles to learn. Yesterday just has a solo acoustic guitar with some light orchestral strings behind it. Lyrically, it recounts the breakup of a relationship, remembering back on the Yesterday when they were together. It’s such an iconic single that it’s been covered more than 2,200 times and is still regularly performed today.

This song uses a capo on the 5th fret. This makes many of the chords easier to hold, as they can simply be played using their ‘open’ shapes. But there’s also plenty of renditions around that can be played without one (as detailed in the video lesson) in case you don’t have a capo to hand.

Landslide by Fleetwood Mac

How to Play "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac on Guitar - Acoustic Fingerstyle lesson

Click Here for tab for Landslide by Fleetwood Mac

Part of the band’s self-titled album Fleetwood Mac released in 1975. Written by Stevie Nicks who recollects that she wrote this after feeling crushed when her record label Polydor Records decided to abandon her upcoming album with guitarist Lindsey Buckingham. She stared out over the Rocky Mountains feeling like a landslide had hit her.

The song follows a simple yet catchy and emotive chord progression of C, G/B, Am7, and back to G/B which you will be fingerpicking. But don’t worry, it’s easier than it looks! Once you have the main motif down, it essentially repeats for the entirety of the song. You’ll also need a capo on the 3rd fret for this, although there are alternate ‘standard tuned’ versions available.

Stay with Me by Sam Smith

Sam Smith Stay With Me Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Click Here for tab for Stay with Me by Sam Smith

One of the things that lends Sam Smith so well to sad songs is his ability to reach a high falsetto range which really pulls at the heartstrings. Yet he also maintains a richness and tone to his voice which makes him one of the most unique and beloved singers around. The official video for Stay with Me has topped over 1.1 billion views on YouTube.

Despite having just light drums and piano with very prominent gospel-style backing vocals, there’s a very clear and defined vocal melody and chord progression which makes it translate to the guitar exceptionally well. The chord progression is nice and simple yet has just enough spice with that diminished chord to keep things interesting.

The Long and Winding Road by The Beatles

The Long and Winding Road Guitar Lesson - The Beatles

Click Here for tab for The Long and Winding Road by The Beatles

Another legendary song from The Beatles. This was released in 1970 as a single from their last album Let It Be, just 1 month after the band broke up. Originally the song was more of a solo piece featuring very stripped-down instrumentation, but their producer for the album (Phil Spector) added additional layers such as vocals and orchestral strings which really helped bring the song to life.

The original rendition prominently features bass and piano, but the chord progression, beat, and strumming patterns can easily be translated to the guitar. The provided video lesson demonstrates this perfectly and shows how the song can be played with just some simple barred and open chords.

When the Party’s Over by Billie Eilish

when the party's over - Billie Eilish | Guitar Tutorial

Click Here for tab for When the Party’s Over by Billie Eilish

Billie blew everyone away with her self-produced debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? and this was the second single from that album. The song was written about Billie’s brother’s experience of having ambiguous feelings about ending a relationship, yet simultaneously feeling OK with not being fully invested. Needless to say, the song plays with some complicated and delicate emotions, which they noted as being very hard to capture and replicate in the studio.

This is primarily a vocal-driven song that has a very subtle piano and a delicate vocal performance. Nevertheless, it can be played on the guitar very easily with a capo on the 4th fret as the song is in the key of A.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps by The Beatles

How To Play The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Click Here for tab for While My Guitar Gently Weeps by The Beatles

This is an incredibly sad song that serves as a precursor to the band’s breakup, and a commentary about the inner turmoil that began to exist within the band upon their return from playing overseas in 1968. Written by George Harrison who, upon having difficulty getting the other members to contribute to the song, enlisted the help of Eric Clapton to help record some additional layers of instrumentation.

This mixture of apathy, disconnect, and disharmony within the band is reflected through the delivery and chords perfectly. There are two versions of this song available for you to pick. One is a more rock-oriented version (with Eric Clapton’s electric guitar parts). For the solo singer, there is an original acoustic arrangement performed by George.

Wind of Change by The Scorpions

Wind of Change Guitar Lesson - Scorpions

Click Here for tab for Wind of Change by The Scorpions

Not only is Wind of Change one of The Scorpions’ biggest singles, but it’s also one of the biggest rock songs of all time, with sales in the region of 14 million copies. Part of their eleventh studio album Crazy World, the song charted at the number 1 spot all over the world and hit the number 2 spot on the US Mainstream Rock billboard.

The song’s message of unity during a tumultuous time is represented heavily in the musicality. It has a very emotive chord progression and lush, melodic clean tones that are drenched in reverb and delays. In addition to these clean guitar parts, there’s also some fantastic power ballad-esque lead guitar playing for your enjoyment.

Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Click Here for tab for Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

One of the saddest songs around and has a particular way of pulling at your heartstrings between the incredible vocal delivery and some key chord changes. And it gets even sadder once you learn that lyrically the song is a tribute to the founding member Syd Barret who had left the band due to his declining health caused by drug abuse. The song also includes critique towards the harshness of the music industry and the effect it can have on the musicians.

The song is held up by its consistent and repeating chord progression, setting the mood of the song and holding you in its grasp throughout. All you need to do is strum those chords, making it a great song for even a beginner to learn.

With or Without You by U2

U2 With Or Without You - Four Chord Easy Beginner Guitar Song

Click Here for tab for With or Without You by U2

Unlike a lot of the other songs on this list that are easily playable with nothing but an acoustic guitar, With or Without You from U2’s fifth studio album The Joshua Tree is (in typical U2 fashion) drenched in delay and effects, creating a very unique sonic landscape. And it’s this unique sonic composition that made their manager, Paul McGuiness almost not release the song, as he deemed it too ‘unusual’ sounding.

Obviously, this demands a lot of effects from the player to be able to replicate perfectly, with some unusual ‘infinite’ guitar sustain effects that are not exactly common in a normal player’s guitar setup. The best way to approach this is to not worry about anything you don’t have the equipment to play. Just play along, follow the chords, and it’ll sound great!

Back to Black by Amy Winehouse

How To Play Amy Winehouse's Back To Black On Guitar - Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Click Here for tab for Back to Black by Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse’s tragic story and struggles are already well known. But this song in particular, which documents her troubled relationship and separation from an ex-partner who left her for another woman, resonated with many as the heartbreak and grief can be felt so clearly in the song. It’s the title track from the album of the same name which won the 2008 Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album.

The song takes a lot of influence from girl groups of the 1960s but nevertheless translated very well as a solo guitar piece. Essentially the chords the piano parts played can simply be replicated on guitar with the strumming pattern provided in the tab.

Black by Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam Black Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Click Here for tab for Black by Pearl Jam

This is a single from Pearl Jam’s debut album Ten, but unusually the label decided to release it after the album had already garnered commercial success rather than as a tool to promote it. Originally, the band was against this as it was personal to them lyrically and tackles the difficult subject of letting love go. Nevertheless, the song did exceptionally well, charting at the number 3 position on the US Mainstream Rock chart.

The song uses some very interesting chord voicings and some of the shapes or finger positions might seem a little unusual if you’re only used to playing regular barre chords. The strumming pattern is also quite dynamic in that sometimes you will play softly and sometimes with a stronger touch. Try to be conscious of this as you are learning the song.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Acoustic Guitar Tutorial 🎸 Green Day Guitar Lesson |Chords + Solo|

Click Here for tab for Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day

Coming an incredibly long way from the alternative and punk roots, Green Day have been able to absolutely smash through into the mainstream market with hits such as Basket Case and American Idiot. However, Boulevard of Broken Dreams as more of a ballad is still one of their biggest singles. It documents vocalists Billie Joe’s time in New York and dealing with loneliness.

Obviously, this is a change of pace for Greenday, so you won’t be needing to palm mute fast down-picked power chords. All you need is an acoustic guitar tuned to standard tuning with a capo on the 1st fret. For the entire song, you will be playing large 4/5/6 string open chords making it an ideal song for a beginner to learn.

Disarm by The Smashing Pumpkins

The Smashing Pumpkins Disarm Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Click Here for tab for Disarm by The Smashing Pumpkins

This is a song that singer Billy Corgan wrote to figuratively ‘get back at’ his abusive parents for his rocky and tumultuous childhood. It bared his hatred and desire to kill his parents, yet also sought to anger them with how happy he is now and evoke guilt in them for how badly they treated him. The song was actually banned in the United Kingdom for using phrases like ‘cut that little child’ and verbiage such as ‘killer’. The BBC interpreted it as a reference to abortion, so the song got very little exposure there.

All the chords on this song are quite easy to hold. The main thing to be conscious of is the strumming pattern, as there are some quite fast ‘gallops’ placed on the bar in key places.

Drive by Incubus

Drive Guitar Tutorial - Incubus Guitar Lesson 🎸 |Solo + Chords + Guitar Cover|

Click Here for tab for Drive by Incubus

This was the main single that allowed Incubus to break through to a more mainstream audience and has become a pivotal song in both the band’s career and live performances. The song discusses the topic of fear and how heavily it can influence the decisions we make in life and essentially control us. But it also has a hopeful element, in that we can choose not to live that way and take back the control fear took from us.

The song uses some fantastic chord voicings, which tread a wonderful balance between being musically interesting and colorful while remaining catchy. There are also some percussive mutes used in the song, where you will lay your left hand’s fingers over the strings and strike them with your right to create a kind of clicking sound.

Everybody Hurts by R.E.M

How to play Everybody Hurts by R.E.M. | Easy Guitar Lesson

Click Here for tab for Everybody Hurts by R.E.M

This song tackles the extremely sad topic of suicide, but it’s one that was intended for a younger audience in its unapologetically direct lyrical approach. It allowed the song to resonate with young children and teens who are having issues with depression or suicidal thoughts. The song was a gargantuan hit that went platinum in the UK and landed in the top 10 chart spots in multiple countries.

This song is essentially a ballad which is at a nice and slow BPM of 94. You’ll mainly be using the chords D G A and Em, but rather than strumming them you’ll be playing them as arpeggios. Fortunately, these arpeggios are also very simple and just ascend (move up the strings) and descend (move down the strings) in a very linear fashion.

Fix You by Coldplay

Fix You Guitar Tutorial - Coldplay Guitar Lesson |Tabs + Chords + Guitar Cover|

Click Here for tab for Fix You by Coldplay

Fix You has an incredibly emotive and sorrowful chord progression that does a wonderful job at stirring up one’s emotions. With singer Chris Martin’s haunting voice really adding to the tone and vibe of the song. The song was also written by Chris to comfort his wife at the time whose father had recently passed away from a heart attack. 

As effective and impactful as the song sounds, it’s extremely simple from a technical perspective. With the primary motif and verse using a simple 4-chord progression of C, Em, Am, and G with an easy strumming pattern which is detailed in the tablature. If you want a slightly more elaborate version, the video lesson had some wonderful arpeggiated lines to learn.

Hurt by Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash - Hurt Guitar Lesson - Acoustic

Click Here for tab for Hurt by Johnny Cash

You might be surprised to hear, but this song was originally written by Trent Reznor of the iconic industrial/alternative rock band Nine Inch Nails. Johnny Cash covered it in 2002, with his rendition being met with exceptional critical acclaim. Even Trent Reznor himself said “that song isn’t mine anymore” as he felt Johnny’s rendition was so authentic.

The acoustic guitar part to this song is a beautiful example of how careful note choice and space can create a strong atmosphere, and that your song doesn’t need to be jam-packed with notes to carry emotion. The song is at a very calm 90bpm. You’ll mostly just be outlining some very basic chords, but there are a few nice sus2 shapes thrown in which keep things interesting.

I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry by Hank Williams

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Hank Williams) | How To Play | Beginner Guitar Lesson

Click Here for tab for I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry by Hank Williams

One of the oldest songs on this list and was originally written in 1949. It’s a favorite amongst musicians and has been covered by dozens of legendary artists, including Johnny Cash. But interestingly the song was originally released a B-side as generally speaking faster and more upbeat songs would be more likely to be played on jukeboxes. I doubt they predicted the success the song would have. It was also ranked at 111 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

This is a fingerpicked song that is played at a nice steady pace, with only a few accents that fall outside of the downbeat. The only thing to be conscious of is the single triplet that sits right near the end of the motif. But this is still something that should be very accessible for beginners.

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan

🎸 "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" easy guitar lesson w/ chords (Bob Dylan)

Click Here for tab for Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan

You may already be familiar with this song for its numerous covers by equally legendary bands and artists including Eric Clapton and Guns N’ Roses. It was actually written to be a part of the original soundtrack to the 1973 classic movie Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. This connection to the movie is what helped it gain such widespread exposure. To date, the song has been covered by over 150 different artists.

The song uses an incredibly simple chord progression of G, D, C, and an Am7, where you will be beginning with a small fingerpicked section before moving on to strumming some simple open chords. But the song is at a very slow BPM of 68 and should be no problem for players of any level!

Like a Stone by Audioslave

Like A Stone Guitar Lesson - Audioslave

Click Here for tab for Like a Stone by Audioslave

Featuring the haunting, sorrowful and rich vocals of Chris Cornell, a singer who is truly a one of a kind. Audioslave are a supergroup that is composed of members from Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine. Their debut album was a huge success, with this single in particular becoming their biggest US single. The song has an extremely melancholic and sorrowful tone that is perfect for anyone needing a sad song to learn.

The song is primarily vocal-driven, so by and large, the instrumentation keeps out of the way and serves more as a backdrop rather than being the primary focus. This makes the guitar part incredibly easy to play, requiring just some single picked notes and a nice clean tone to fit the vibe of the song.

Gravity by John Mayer

Gravity Guitar Tutorial - John Mayer Guitar Lesson |Rhythm + Lead Electric Guitar Parts|

Click Here for tab for Gravity by John Mayer

John Mayer is well known for not only his technique on the guitar and singing ability. But he is also one of the most emotive and soulful players around, with this song in particular being well known for its sad blues feel. It comes from his 2006 album Continuum and was released as the third promotional single. 

As is typical for John Mayer, there are a lot of small pieces of phrasing and detailed, subtle inflections that really make this come to life. This will definitely be a test of your technique on the guitar! The song is in 12/8, so don’t be afraid to tackle it 1 bar at a time and stitch them together as you feel comfortable.

Blackbird by The Beatles

Blackbird Guitar Lesson 🎸 The Beatles Tutorial |Fingerpicking + TAB|

Click Here for tab for Blackbird by The Beatles

Another classic from The Beatles that was released as a single from their double album, also dubbed the White Album. There have been a couple of conflicting stories about the lyrical meaning behind the song, with writer Paul McCartney once saying he was inspired by the sound of a blackbird while in India. Later, he’d say the song was discussing the topic of racism. Regardless of which is the real meaning, the song is considered a classic.

At first glance, this might seem like quite a difficult fingerpicking song to play, but once you have the pattern down and notice where the bass notes (lowest notes) fall on the bar it will all fall into place quite easily!

Breathe Me by Sia

How to play "Breathe me" by Sia

Click Here for tab for Breathe Me by Sia

An extremely delicate, light, and heartfelt song from the Australian pop/indie singer Sia. This is a single from her album Colour the Small One which was able to chart throughout Europe and hit the number 24 spot on the Rock Digital Songs chart in the US. There is also an accompanying music video to the song which was filmed in London.

This isn’t a guitar-driven song. In fact, the primary instruments are the piano and drums, with the guitar just adding some light textural accents in the background. So when approaching this on the guitar, it’s better to forgo simply playing the background elements and instead focus on the chords as detailed in the tab and guitar lessons.

Closer by King of Leon

Kings Of Leon Closer Guitar Tutorial

Click Here for tab for Closer by King of Leon

This is the opening track from the alternative rock stars Kings of Leon’s fourth studio album Only By The Night. Although not a promotional single, the album itself performed incredibly well, selling over 6.2 million copies and getting nominated for a Grammy Award in 2009. The song is about someone who is deeply in love and despite giving everything for her, is left lost and alone.

The song has a very simple guitar motif that is exceptionally easy to play. If you want the sound to be a little thicker, you can also hold the octave underneath the named note. This motif repeats for the entirety of the song, so there’s not a great deal to learn here!

Creep by Radiohead

Creep - Radiohead - Guitar Lesson - How to Play on Guitar - Tutorial

Click Here for tab for Creep by Radiohead

A very iconic song that people will be able to identify it purely from the first chord change. The lyrics are extremely direct and approach the topic of unhealthy sexual desires. Perhaps it’s different stylistically from what you might associate with Radiohead, the song nevertheless achieved massive commercial success. Although not right away, this is a song that rose to prominence over many years, which is quite unusual. 

It has a very striking and iconic chord progression, which you’ll begin by outlining with some very simple arpeggios for the intro and verses. Then for the chorus, there are some simple power chords playin. Alternatively, there is a very simple lead melody over the top, which you can choose to play instead.

Cut My Lip by Twenty One Pilots

How to play Cut My Lip (Twenty-One Pilots Lesson)

Click Here for tab for Cut My Lip by Twenty One Pilots

A single from Twenty One Pilots’ fifth studio album titled Trench. Although not released as a promotional single, the album overall did incredibly well, receiving positive feedback from critics and going platinum in the US. The song tackles the subject of adversity and the ability to continue moving forward in spite of it.

If you have a capo available, it will make holding the chords much easier as they all need some kind of barring over the second fret. The chord progression is simply Em, D, A, and Bm which will repeat for the whole song and is played with an incredibly simple strumming pattern.

Dancing on My Own by Calum Scott

Dancing On My Own Guitar Tutorial 🎸 Calum Scott Guitar Lesson |Picking + Strumming + TABS|

Click Here for tab for Dancing on My Own by Calum Scott

Unlike some of the other songs on this list which are generally promotional singles released as part of a studio album, this one started life as a cover of the original song from Swedish singer Robyn that Calum and was performed and posted to Calum’s YouTube channel. He was later encouraged to record the single properly and it was released in 2016 to somewhat mixed critical reviews, but was well received by fans who streamed the song so much it reached the number 1 spot in 6 different countries.

This is a very simple fingerpicked song where you’ll just be jumping between two notes as they outline the overall chord progression with a few bass notes thrown in here and there. The song is played with a capo on the 1st fret.

Fire Escape by Foster The People

How to play Foster the People Fire Escape

Click Here for tab for Fire Escape by Foster The People

Since emerging in 2009 Foster The People have been able to garner a dedicated fan base and are considered one of the best Indie/Alternative pop-rock bands around. Fire Escape is a single from their second album titled Supermodel. Lyrically,2 the song addresses the band’s hometown of Los Angeles and the darker side of life in the city.

The song has an almost dreamlike melancholy to it, with a very sparing and dry (without effects) use of the guitar. This is good in that it makes it very easy to play, but also might provide a challenge as you will really need to serve the atmosphere and tone of the song in the dynamics of your playing. A truly wonderful song to learn!

Hey You by Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd - Hey You (Guitar Tutorial)

Click Here for tab for Hey You by Pink Floyd

This is an iconic track from Pink Floyd’s 1979 album The Wall. It’s drenched in atmosphere with some very moving chord changes that present an unsettling tonality. The Wall as a whole is a story about a young rock star who feels alienated by society and retreats into isolation. But he soon realizes this is a mistake and this song represents his attempts to reach back out to the outside world. As the song progresses, you’ll hear the young star’s cries for help become more desperate and anguish-filled.

From a technical perspective, the song uses some very interesting, colorful, and moving chord voicings that you will play as both arpeggios or open chords as the song progresses. But nothing overall challenging!

How You Remind Me by Nickelback

How You Remind Me Guitar Lesson | Nickelback | How To Play

Click Here for tab for How You Remind Me by Nickelback

Nickelback has been the subject of much criticism and ridicule over the years for their safe and ‘in the box’ style. But there’s no denying their songs resonate with fans incredibly well, which has garnered them massive commercial success. How You Remind Me is one of their biggest singles ever and was played on the radio over 1.2 million times in the years following its release.

For this song, you will need to drop your lowest string to D giving you a ‘Drop D’ tuning. This makes all the chords much easier to hold, as you can simply bar the first two strings to make a power chord. This allows you to use very similar hand positions for the entirety of the song.

I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton I Will Always Love You Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Click Here for tab for I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton

An incredibly sentimental and heartfelt song from the Queen of Country herself, Dolly Parton. This was written to her business partner as a farewell and thank you for their time together as she had decided to pursue a solo career from then on. Originally released in 1984 from her album Jolene, many people are familiar with the popular Whitney Houston rendition from the movie The Bodyguard.

This song is played at a nice and slow 60bpm and is essentially a country ballad. This means you’ll just be outlining some easy chord shapes. There are also fewer chords to learn than the slightly more dramatic Whitney Houston version, as there’s no key change required.

I’ll Never Love Again by Lady Gaga

I'll Never Love Again Guitar Cover Acoustic - Lady Gaga 🎸 |Tabs + Chords|

Click Here for tab for I’ll Never Love Again by Lady Gaga

This was written as a collaboration between Lady Gaga and filmmaker Bradley Cooper, who actually sings ‘in character’ for the final chorus. The song was a huge success, charting very highly across both Europe and the United States and even winning a Grammy Award for best song written for a movie.

The song is primarily piano-driven, but those chords can be easily translated to the guitar using the strumming pattern D-D-D-DU as indicated in the provided video lesson. Once that chord progression and strumming has been mastered, it can repeat for the entirety of the song making it very easy to learn fast.

Leaving on a Jet Plane by John Denver

Leaving on a Jet Plane (John Denver) Strum Guitar Cover Lesson with Chords/Lyrics

Click Here for tab for Leaving on a Jet Plane by John Denver

This song perfectly sums up the feeling of needing to be on the road and away from those you love. John wrote this back in 1966, long before he had achieved any commercial success, while in Washington Airport. He described it as striking a lonely and anguished chord for him and will always represent the thought of leaving someone who he cares for very much.

In keeping with the sad and lonely tone of the music, it uses a simple, yet effective chord progression of C, G, C, D. These can all be played in their regular open positions. Over the top of this, you can also play along to the vocal melody which is showcased in the video lesson.

No Surprises by Radiohead

Easy Guitar Lesson | How to Play "No Suprises" by Radiohead

Click Here for tab for No Surprises By Radiohead

No Surprises is from their third album titled OK Computer which was well received, going gold in the UK and charting at the number 4 spot on the UK Singles Chart. The song also features a striking music video with singer Thom Yorke trying to sing inside a diving helmet as it slowly fills with water.

There are quite a few layers and counter melodies happening in this song. If you wish to take the lead melody, there’s a capo on the 15th fret. Although this is also perfectly playable without it, you’ll just need to make sure you are fretting all the 0 notes on the 15th fret. Then behind that are simple strummed chords which can be played with a capo on the 3rd fret.

Nude by Radiohead

Radiohead - Nude on guitar

Click Here for tab for Nude by Radiohead

This was a song that upon first recording, the band didn’t actually like how it turned out. So it was withdrawn from their third album and then recorded a second time and released as a promotional single for their seventh studio album titled In Rainbows. The song would go on to become a fan favorite and reached the number 1 spot on the UK Indie songs chart.

This song holds a great atmosphere and the typical haunting Radiohead vocal style. The guitar parts are used much as an additional ambient and textural element. You’ll need a nice and chimey clean tone, and there are some carefully placed rhythmic mutes that really add a lot of feel to the guitar parts.

Nutshell by Alice In Chains

Alice in Chains Nutshell Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Click Here for tab for Nutshell by Alice In Chains

An absolutely wonderful and heartfelt tune from Seattle alternative metal titans Alice In Chains. This was part of their 1994 EP Jar of Flies and is often played during acoustic sets where singer Jerry Cantrell will dedicate the song to the late members of the band. Bassist Mike Inez also mentioned that this song chokes him up due to reminding him so much of former member Layne Staley who passed away from a drug overdose in 2002.

Although played just using some simple open chords, the chord progression contains within it a lot of emotion, and you can really play with the dynamics of your strumming to really breathe life into the song.

Pictures of You by The Cure

The Cure Pictures Of You Guitar Lesson with Chords and TAB Tutorial

Click Here for tab for Pictures of You by The Cure

This song has a unique set of elements that create that signature Cure sound, while still presenting a contemplative and nostalgic feeling through their music. The song was originally written after a fire had broken out in singer Robert Smith’s home. As he went through the remains of the fire, he found a picture of his wife, Mary. It was also voted One of the Greatest Songs of All Time by Rolling Stones magazine, reaching the number 283 spot.

The Cure uses their instrumentation in a slightly more rock and roll way compared to a typical acoustic ballad. So for the majority of this song, you will be playing single notes on the guitar with a fairly tight slapback delay. Most of it is alternate picked, making it a great exercise while still not being very technically demanding.

Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits

How to play Romeo and Juliet on guitar | Dire Straits - Mark Knopfler

Click Here for tab for Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits

Originally written by singer Mark Knopfler for the 1980 Dire Straits album titled Making Movies. Obviously, the song bears a connection to the original William Shakespeare play, but is a little more playful in the story where Juliet instead abandons Romeo after finding fame and fortune.  The song has also been featured on numerous other albums including the Dire Straits live albums and Knopfler’s duet with Emmylou Harris.

The song was originally played on a resonator guitar. Now these aren’t exactly common guitars that sit in everyone’s home, so there are plenty of renditions, covers, and interpretations around that work perfectly fine on a standard acoustic guitar. But you will need to tune your guitar to open D major tuning as well as use a capo on the 3rd fret.

Self Care by Mac Miller

Guitar Tutorial: Self Care by Mac Miller

Click Here for tab for Self Care by Mac Miller

Here’s one a little bit different, originally recorded for Mac Miller’s fifth studio album titled Swimming. This is one part of a 2-part concept in which this song is also paired with the track Oblivion and documents Mac’s process of rehabilitation and taking care of himself. Unfortunately, Mac passed away in September 2018, but the song went on to be his highest charting single to date. It also has an accompanying music video that references the scene in the movie Kill Bill where Kiddo has to escape after being buried alive.

The track is primarily driven by electronic drums and synthesizer pads. However, there is a clearly discernible chord progression that translates very well to the guitar in terms of how you outline these chords. Whether by strumming or making a finger-picked arrangement, it’s entirely up to your own creativity. This is a great song you can have a lot of fun with!

She Talks to Angels by The Black Crowes

Black Crowes She Talks To Angels Acoustic Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Click Here for tab for She Talks to Angels by The Black Crowes

She Talks to Angels is a song featured on The Black Crowes’ first album Shake Your Money Maker. The band’s lead singer Chris Robinson has said that it is loosely based on an old acquaintance of his who was into drugs and alternative culture. But the song nevertheless carries a great deal of emotion and power in its delivery and is well worth learning if you are looking for an effective yet moving song to learn.

The first thing to note about this song is that it uses an alternate tuning which is E B E G# B E. This allows you to play all of the most common sections without fretting any notes at all on the guitar! This makes it the easiest song to play on this list.

Somebody Else by The 1975

Somebody Else Guitar Tutorial - The 1975 Guitar Lesson |Tabs + Easy Chords + Guitar Cover|

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This is a difficult song to listen to. It recollects the experience of finding that your former lover has moved on when you can’t, creating a great deal of isolation and loneliness. The song uses a lot of synthwave, synthpop, and ’80s influence, which makes it ideal to transfer over to the guitar.

In order to effectively play this on guitar, you simply need to take the chords outlined in the song and play them. You don’t have to get too crazy with the strumming pattern as the song covers themes of isolation and loneliness. So it’s a good time to make use of ‘musical empty space’ to reinforce the song’s meaning.

Someone Like You by Adele

Someone Like You Guitar Tutorial Adele Guitar Lesson |Easy Chords + Intro Picking|

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This is one of Adele’s biggest singles, originally written by Adele in collaboration with singer/songwriter Dan Wilson. It was released as a promotional single for her second album 21 and was greeted with almost universal praise from both fans and critics alike. The song has sold over 17 million copies worldwide and went 5x platinum in the UK, making it one of the best selling singles of all time.

The open and sparse nature of the song makes it incredibly easy to play. You just need to remember the chords and play them in a simple strummed fashion. For the more advanced player, there are also fingerstyle arrangements that will test your technical ability a little more.

Something in the Way by Nirvana

Something in the Way Guitar Lesson - Nirvana

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This song presented a slightly different side of Nirvana that the other members had to adjust and move out of their comfort zone to accommodate. Originally, songwriter Kurt had to record the vocal and acoustic guitar first due to difficulties recording with the whole band. But because his tempo naturally shifted and the guitar wasn’t completely in tune, the other members had a great deal of trouble tracking their parts of his slightly rough track.

The song is exceptionally easy to play, only ever needing you to bar 3 strings and play them together essentially making a power chord with the additional octave on the top because of the dropped C tuning (C G C F A D).

Still Loving You by Scorpions

Still Loving You Guitar Lesson - Scorpions

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This is a quintessential power love ballad from German heavy metal legends, Scorpions. Released as a promotional single for their ninth studio album titled Love at First Sting. It has everything you’d expect from a moving power ballad: emotive and soaring vocal lines, clean guitar hooks, and exceptionally overproduced drums. Glorious!

Guitar-wise, there’s quite a bit going on. You’ll begin playing some simple chords as arpeggios and then on the chorus, there are some big distorted chords following a classic, emotive guitar solo. So utilizing both a clean and distorted sound is best for this song!

Stop This Train by John Mayer

Stop This Train by John Mayer Guitar Lesson

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This is an incredibly moving song that tackles the daunting prospect of life’s unstoppable journey forward, much like a train that cannot be stopped. We are destined to face aging and our own mortality. Quite an existential topic but it’s one that is nevertheless moving and is complemented by a wonderful guitar arrangement as you would expect from someone as prestigious as John.

This would be considered an advanced song to play on guitar. There’s a lot going on from the phrasing involved, to the percussive hits from your palm that act as the kick drum, to some quite fast-moving chord positions that require quite a bit of dexterity to execute. A great song to learn if you need a challenge!

The Scientist by Coldplay

Coldplay - The Scientist Super Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson - Easy Beginner Songs For Guitar

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This could be considered a typical piano ballad, but with Coldplay’s signature haunting style that always leaves a lasting impact. The song was described as simply being ‘about girls’ and ‘the thing that always gets you the most is when you fancy someone’. The song’s accompanying music video which was famously filmed in reverse is sitting at over 1.1 billion views on YouTube.

As a piano ballad, it’s incredibly easy to bring over into the guitar world. You’ll just be outlining the exact same chords as the piano but using more ‘full’ sounding open chords. You’ll also need a capo on the 3rd fret, which will help make the chord positions more comfortable to hold.

Time After Time by Cindy Lauper

Time After Time Guitar Tutorial Eva Cassidy Guitar Lesson |Fingerpicking|

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From Cindy’s iconic first album She’s So Unreal, Time After Time was written with producer Rob Hyman. This is a quintessential love song and has been called ‘the best love song of all time’ by multiple outlets. Cindy commented that she is a difficult person to love and is quick to shut people out, but her boyfriend who loves her dearly is willing to push through this in spite of her troublesome nature.

This has a loving but also slightly sad tonality to the song. The guitar is mainly used as a layer rather than a leading instrument. This requires quite a bright and sparkly clean tone to execute, so you can move to your bridge pickup and turn the treble up a bit for this song.

Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers

How to Play "Under The Bridge" (verse, chorus, ending) Guitar Lesson by Red Hot Chili Peppers

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The Red Hot Chili Peppers have spanned many a genre during their career, from upbeat punk to alternative rock, and have even flirted with elements of psychedelia. But when they choose to tackle a more lonely and heartfelt song like Under the Bridge, they really knock it out of the park. This song discusses singer Anthony Kiedis’ experience with loneliness when he had a girl who was willing to give him all of her love, but he didn’t embrace it due to his all-consuming drug addiction.

The song uses some wonderful finger-picked passages and great strummed chords which you can play with a pick. A very rich and thick-sounding clean tone with just the tiniest bit of ‘pop’ when you pluck hard is going to really bring this song to life.

When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars

When I Was Your Man Guitar Tutorial Bruno Mars Guitar Lesson |Easy Chords + Strumming|

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This is a ballad that tackles Bruno’s feelings of regret after not fully loving a woman which pushed her to leave him, and how he hopes another man can provide her with all the love he wasn’t able to. It’s a beautiful song from his second album ‘Unorthodox Jukebox’ and as a single has sold over 8 million copies.

Like most piano-driven ballads, those chords can be taken and easily replicated on the guitar. You can take the strumming pattern detailed in the attached video lesson and apply that to the chord progression outlined in the song. There are a lot of cool 7th chords and interesting inversions which makes it a great song to learn if you also want to expand your chordal vocabulary on the guitar.

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