Steel Panther Frontman Shares Honest Opinion on Ex-Member Lexxi Foxx, Talks What New Bassist Is Like to Work With

Steel Panther vocalist Michael Starr recently discussed the band’s new bassist who’s known under his stage name Spyder, as well as Lexxi Foxx’s departure from the lineup. While visiting The Rockman Power Hour podcast, Starr reflected on Lexxi’s decision to leave in 2021, saying (via Blabbermouth):

“We’re all sad that [Lexxi] left, but we love him and we wish him well. ‘Cause he’s a great guy. Him and I, we’re still in contact.”

“And he’s very happy. He has a new baby and a wife. He’s doing really good. So I’m really happy for him.”

Lexxi Foxx, whose real name is Travis Haley, was initially not present on some of the band’s live shows due to entering “sex rehab” and that he’ll be back “after he learns how to have better sex.” Of course, this was all part of Steel Panther’s glam metal gimmick and Travis officially parted ways with the band in July 2021.

Further on, Michael discussed Steel Panther’s new bassist Spyder who initially filled in for Lexxi but then officially joined the band in September 2022. The singer said:

“He’s amazing. He’s a great asset to this band and this brand. He’s not only a great friend… And Lexxi knows him very well too as well, ’cause he used to fill in for Lexxi.”

“So Spyder’s been around for a long time. We know him really well. And he keeps the peace in the band, man, ’cause Satchel [guitarist] and [drummer] Stix [Zadinia], they go at it…”


For a while, Steel Panther were officially looking for a new official member and were trying out new potential bassists. Eventually, they settled with Spyder. Michael continued:

“We did a five-week European tour with Spyder. He wasn’t the [official] bass player at that time; we were still trying people out.”

“And after we did that tour, we decided that he was the guy. So the first official tour as a brand new member of Steel Panther went amazing. The response from the audience was positive.”

Steel Panther "1987" [Official Video]

Starr also explained that the band misses Lexxi by saying:

“We always address the elephant in the room, because why not? We all miss Lexxi. And it just happened. So here we are at this point. Are you with us or are you not? And everyone was with us. So it was great, man. Feels like we didn’t even miss a beat.”

Steel Panther - Hellfest 2022 Full Show

Going back to Spyder, the singer continued:

“Spyder is having the time of his life. It’s really cool to see what that’s like for somebody. ‘Cause all four of us, before Lexxi had left, we had worked this brand to where we’re at now.”

“We’ve done a lot of stuff, which is super exciting and has been fun. But we’re repeating some of the bigger landmark things that we’ve done.”

Steel Panther - "The British Invasion" - Live at Brixton Academy (Full)

“But to go through it through the eyes of somebody who hasn’t done it, man, it’s really exciting. It makes me realize, wow, this is amazing.”

“You just get in the rhythm of doing your shit, and sometimes you don’t reflect as much as you should. But I see him so excited, and I think, ‘Oh, man. This is exciting.'”

“It’s heavy metal. We’re doing what we love to do. And what can be better than that?”


After leaving the band, Travis Haley was under the radar for a while before eventually explaining in an interview, later on in 2021, that there were some “sore spots.” He said:

“We haven’t talked. I still talk to [Michael Starr] a little bit; I have in the past. But I think that those scars and I think that the departure, the way that it went down, I think there’s some sore spots. But that’s tough for me to talk about.”

Steel Panther paid a tribute to Lexxi with a heartfelt, yet uniquely comedic, video. You can check it out below:

The End Of An Era - Thank You, Lexxi Foxx!

However, in an interview released in late 2022, Travis talked with more optimism, discussing his new band Hollywood Gods N’ Monsters. He said:

“If it wasn’t for these guys [in Hollywood Gods N’ Monsters], I probably would have still been on break. Unfortunately, there was a lot of things that were on my plate that I didn’t see happening when we initially got this thing going; there was a lot of hiccups.”

“But for the most part, right now I can say those hiccups are… I’m thankful for them. I have a little baby girl now, and I relocated, and I moved just outside Chicago, kind of just to get out of that whole area and kind of just start anew with the family.”

“And obviously I had to put a pause on music. And not being in the band that I was previously in, Steel Panther, I don’t know what I would have done. I’m glad that I got out when I got out, and then things happened the way they [did], because being on tour right now…”

HOLLYWOOD GODS N' MONSTERS (feat. Lexxi Foxx) live debut Dec 10th in Arizona - pics/video posted!

“It’s tough enough to catch up with these guys on gigs, but I can’t imagine being on tour… I’m just thankful enough that I’m able to get this time with my family and obviously to take care of myself, stay healthy and raise a beautiful family, a beautiful baby girl.”

“So that’s where I’m at right now. And it does suck that I can’t be there for a lot of the gigs, but in the meantime, I’m thankful to have my extended family that’s given me this time off. I’m thankful for their understanding.”

At the moment, Steel Panther are slowly preparing to release new album. Titled “On the Prowl,” it’s expected to be out on February 24 and it will feature 13 new songs. You can find more info and preorders at this location.

Steel Panther - live!; Livin’ On A Prayer (Bon Jovi cover)

Photos: S. Bollmann (Steel Panther Rockharz 2022 35), Alfred Nitsch (20170614-035-Nova Rock 2017-Steel Panther-Lexxi Foxx)

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