Steve Vai shows off several of his wild and wonderful guitars

About a year ago Steve Vai invited everyone’s favorite second hand guitar emporium Reverb to his “Harmony Hut” to check out some of his guitars.

As you would expect from someone who started their career with Frank Zappa, Vai has a lot of crazy and amazing guitars that he’s collected over the years.

As Vai himself says, “I seem to resonate more with guitars that have unique functions and unique sounds.

Some of the guitars showcased in the video include a 30 fret guitar, the “Xavian” guitar which has 16 frets per octave, an Ibanez Gem with two whammy bars, a Sterling Ball “sitar guitar” with a regular guitar alongside a set of sympathetic strings, a guitar with his own blood in it, and many many more.

Aside of the weird and wonderful, Steve also spends some time showing a replica he bought of Mick Ronson’s Les Paul that was made by a luthier who was the executor of Mick’s estate, some of his strats (“you really have to fight a strat”) as well as his two main Jem guitars, Evo and Flo.

Vai also takes time to showcase the new signature model he released last year, the Ibanez Jem Pia, which he explains as “sort of the evolution of the Jem”.

Check out the video below.

Steve Vai's Wild Guitar Collection | Interview
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