Top 10 Most-Searched Guitar Pedal Brands in US Revealed + Most Popular Per State

A new report by Pedal Haven has been published, sharing some of the insights and data related to guitar pedals and their popularity. In particular, this little research looked into the US market and revealed two important things. Firstly, we now have the top 10 pedal brands per Google search in the entire United States. Secondly, the research also shows the most popular brand for each individual state.

Pedal Haven compiled all the data in a very practical map format with all the pedal brands shown for each state. You can check it out below.

As far as the list is concerned, these are the most popular pedal brands overall:

  1. Electro-Harmonix
  2. Strymon
  3. TC Electronic
  4. Catalinbread
  5. Walrus Audio
  6. Boss
  7. Earthquaker Devices
  8. JHS Pedals
  9. ZVex Effects
  10. Death By Audio

As you can see, Electro-Harmonix performed the best as it was the most popular in 28 states. Strymon comes in second, being most-searched in 14 states, while TC Electronic takes the bronze with 9 states.

Below, you can find the map of the top-searched brands overall per state across the map.

Here are some of the states and the brands that were the most popular in there.

  • California – Strymon
  • Colorado – Chase Bliss
  • Florida – ZVEX
  • Hawaii – Universal Audio
  • Illinois – Empress Effects
  • Louisiana – Gamechanger Audio
  • Minnesota – Chase Bliss
  • New York – Death By Audio
  • Texas – Bondi Effects
  • Washington D.C. – Source Audio

For the report, Pedal Haven also compiled the data in a table that breaks down each state’s most searched overall and most uniquely popular brand. It’s pretty much these two maps summed up in a table.

StateMost Searched (Overall)Most Uniquely Popular
AlabamaTC ElectronicWalrus Audio
AlaskaElectro Harmonix29 Pedals
ArizonaTC ElectronicXotic Effects
ArkansasElectro HarmonixBondi Effects
ColoradoStrymonChase Bliss
ConnecticutElectro HarmonixFairfield Circuitry
DelawareTC ElectronicGFI System
GeorgiaTC ElectronicCaroline Guitar Company
HawaiiTC ElectronicUniversal Audio
IdahoElectro HarmonixMeris
IllinoisStrymonEmpress Effects
IndianaElectro HarmonixWampler Pedals
IowaElectro HarmonixEarthquaker Devices
KansasElectro HarmonixBrowne Amplification
KentuckyElectro HarmonixMXR
LouisianaElectro HarmonixGamechanger Audio
MaineElectro HarmonixElectro Harmonix
MarylandTC ElectronicFairfield Circuitry
MassachusettsStrymonElectronic Audio Experiments
MichiganTC ElectronicMooer Audio
MinnesotaElectro HarmonixChase Bliss
MississippiElectro HarmonixJackson Audio
MissouriElectro HarmonixJHS Pedals
MontanaElectro HarmonixGamechanger Audio
NebraskaElectro HarmonixSmallSound BigSound
NevadaTC ElectronicCaroline Guitar Company
New HampshireElectro HarmonixSource Audio
New JerseyTC ElectronicCornerstone Music Gear
New MexicoElectro HarmonixSmallSound BigSound
New YorkStrymonDeath By Audio
North CarolinaStrymonEmpress Effects
North DakotaElectro HarmonixHologram Electronics
OhioStrymonElectronic Audio Experiments
OklahomaElectro HarmonixKeeley Electronics
OregonStrymonBenson Amps
PennsylvaniaStrymonWampler Pedals
Rhode IslandElectro HarmonixGFI System
South CarolinaElectro HarmonixMXR
South DakotaElectro HarmonixBrowne Amplification
TennesseeStrymonCornerstone Music Gear
TexasStrymonBondi Effects
UtahElectro Harmonix29 Pedals
VermontElectro HarmonixElectro Harmonix
VirginiaStrymonJackson Audio
WashingtonStrymonUniversal Audio
Washington D.C.Electro HarmonixSource Audio
West VirginiaElectro HarmonixDigitech
WisconsinElectro HarmonixMeris
WyomingElectro HarmonixHologram Electronics

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