What loop pedal does TheDooo use?

With over five million subscribers, TheDooo is one of the most popular guitar related YouTubers out there – but what gear is he using?

To cut to the chase – TheDooo uses the Boss RC30 Loop Station, as well as the Boss RC1 Loop Station. 

Let’s take a look in more detail.


Investigating The Dooo's REAL IDENTITY

In the age of the internet, youtubers are entering the stage (pun intended) as the rockstars of today. Things aren’t just ‘about the music’ anymore. And with this cultural shift come the YouTube guitarists. One of these is very famous YouTube guitarist TheDooo. Whether you’ve seen him shred Vivaldi and Bach on a Squier Strat, or surprising people with his skills on Omegle, you’ve probably seen something of his come along your YouTube feed (if you’re into guitars, that is). 

TheDooo is known for not just his guitar playing, but also his on-camera charisma. He’s a very funny guy with great timing, and he’s very enjoyable to watch, even though he doesn’t show his face. 

TheDooo Looper

Playing Guitar on Black Ops 2 Ep. 19 - Loop Effects

He uses his Boss Loop Stations in multiple videos, but it’s not a core part of his sound. He still uses it to create very enjoyable content. Some examples of videos where he used the Boss Loop Stations include ‘Playing Guitar on Black Ops 2 Ep. 19 – Loop Effects’, and ‘Playing Guitar on Omegle Ep. 12 – Anime Metal’. 

The specific loopers he’s using are the Boss RC30 and RC1 Loop Stations. These are very popular looper pedals that are very common among guitarists. TheRC1 is basically a smaller (regular Boss pedal sized) version of the RC 30, which is a behemoth of a pedal. 

These pedals are so popular because they are so easy to come by and just work great. Looper pedals are often quite finicky, but these Boss RC’s are easy to use an straightforwad. The RC30 is even so powerful that it can stack up to 99(!) tracks of audio. This is for if you want to create gigantic landscapes of noise. The RC also has tons of features like stereo compatibility, microphone input (far all you buskers) and a 3 hour memory. 

TheDooo sound

TheDooo uses a small Peavey Vypyr for his sound. He also mainly uses a Musicman Majesty for his shreddy stuff, some other guitars he uses include a red Squier Stratocaster and a Hello Kitty guitar. He’s used all of this stuff in many of the hundreds videos on his channel. 

His sound is often characterized as somewhat fuzzy and tinny. So this would typically not mean it’s a mindblowing tone by any means. This is enhanced by the fact that he used to use very cheap gear for a long time. But luckily he makes up for this with his talent and skills. 

The Rise Of The Internet Guitarist

Playing Guitar with HERMAN LI of DRAGONFORCE?!

Times have changed since the seventies, so just being really good at guitar is not enough to make it these days. If one wants to succeed in the modern age, one must develop many other skills alongside musicianship, such as photography, videography, video editing, marketing, charisma etc etc.

This is because of the internet. Thanks to the internet, almost anyone can release and share stuff for the entire world to see. This is an amazing thing, as the internet is such a powerful tool for acquiring knowledge and learning new and valuable skills. 

This doesn’t mean it’s a perfect system, as this basically means that everyone is put on a podium. This makes it very hard to stand out among the herd of other so-called ‘influencers’ and make it big as an artist. 

To be really successful in a social media based career, you’ll have to possess all the skills mentioned above. This makes it all the more impressive how TheDooo gained such popularity with very minimal gear. Some of his most watched videos (with millions of views) include him playing a cheap Squier Strat through a cheap digital practise amp, recorded with a potato of a camera. 

This certainly means TheDooo is a very modern guitarist, as he also combines his music with video games to reach an even wider audience. This is a very smart move on his part, and even though many other YouTubers have caught onto this idea, very few are as popular as TheDooo’s videos. 

Other Effects TheDooo Uses

Line6 Helix Effects Processor

Line 6 Helix LT Guitar Processor Demo

We all know Line6 from products like the Spyder amps. These are very hated, and Line6 was ridiculed among guitarists for a long time, but Line6 flipped off the haters with one the most amazing pieces of guitar technology ever, the Helix. 

Many digital effects processors tend to sound kind of bad (an example is the Line6 Pod), but the Helix is just plain awesome. This processor can also be used as an amp sim with a built-in IR loader and many famous guitar and bass amp simulators. 

The Helix is now one the most used choices for gigging musicians as it can basically replace an amp, cab, and pedalboard for most situations, and it just sounds freaking killer. 

It’s no wonder that TheDooo has got one as well, since they’re so popular. 


TheDooo is a perfect example of a modern-day guitarist. He combines video making skills with guitar playing skills to bring some of the best guitar related content on YouTube. His Boss Loop Stations come up in multiple videos, and are always used in a really cool way.