DigiTech Shows First Sign of Activity After Changing Ownership

Earlier this year, it was revealed that DigiTech and DOD brands have been dropped by their parent company. Although many were baffled by this, those who were focused on these brands for some time now have expected this. Their products weren’t available anymore online and a lot of rumors on what’s next for these brands were flying around.

Was Digitech Just Discontinued?

All these speculations stopped in late April, 2022 when Cort Guitars announced that they’ve acquired both of the brands. Additionally, they’ve said that they have big plans for DOD and DigiTech but were pretty secretive. Jun Par, the President of Cortek, which owns Cort, said this:

“Since 1973, DigiTech/DOD guitar effect pedals have been iconic in the guitar industry, and we have a deep admiration for the heritage and legacy of the DigiTech/DOD products [sic]. We look forward to continuing the manufacturing of and selling of the iconic products as well as investing in new features and products.”

Digitech’s Best Kept Secret! (DF-7 Distortion Factory)

And now, after a very long time of inactivity, DigiTech has shared a new post on Instagram. It’s a brief video, so there’s nothing to be revealed. However, they’re “putting the band back together.” Here’s the whole thing.

Of course, it’s only six seconds. But considering the fact that they’ve posted for the first time in about 1.5 years on their profile, this means that something important is going on.

Photo: Jason (Digitech Whammy (close view))


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