Neural DSP Quad Cortex Announces Major Software Update, It Has 9 New Amps and More

Advancing every year, digital guitar amp and effects modeling is now largely on par with the “real” thing. The latest company to introduce an improvement is Neural DSP, well-known for their Quad Cortex modeler. And now, their primary product has had a major software update with CorOS 1.4.0.  

Primarily, Quad Cortex now has the much-anticipated Minivoicer. Along with that, there are 9 new amp models, 3 new overdrives, 10 effects, a bunch of new features, and some minor changes and fixes. 

The Minivoicer in question is an “intelligent” algorithm that allows you to have two pitch-shifted voices over the main signal. Using the library, you can control the root note, create chords, harmonize in modes, and even arpeggiate.

As for the aforementioned 9 new amps, the full list goes like this:

  • Bogna Uber Clean (Bogner®Überschall®Rev. Blue-Clean)
  • Bogna Uber Lead (Bogner®Überschall®Rev. Blue-Lead)
  • D-Cell Hisbert Ch1 (Diezel®Herbert®-Ch1)
  • D-Cell Hisbert Ch2 (Diezel®Herbert®-Ch2)
  • D-Cell Hisbert Ch3 (Diezel®Herbert®-Ch3)
  • US HP Tweed TWN Bright (Fender®High Power Tweed Twin®5F8-A®-Bright)
  • US HP Tweed TWN Bright Jumped (Fender®High Power Tweed Twin®5F8-A®-Bright Jumped)
  • US HP Tweed TWN Normal (Fender®High Power Tweed Twin®5F8-A®-Normal)
  • US HP Tweed TWN Normal Jumped (Fender®High Power Tweed Twin®5F8-A®-NormalJumped)
CorOS 1.4.0 Deep Dive

And 3 new overdrive models are:

  • No-Bell OD1 (Nobels®ODR-1®)
  • Red Drive(Keeley®Red Dirt®)
  • Vemural Ray (Vemuram®Jan Ray®)

For more details on this update, feel free to visit this link.

Neural DSP Chief Marketing Officer Dan Davies shared an official statement through the company’s press release:

“With each CorOS update, the Quad Cortex becomes more robust, versatile, and feature-rich – always evolving to ensure that users are equipped with the functionality they need to fully unleash their creativity. CorOS 1.4.0 is jam-packed with even more features, amplifiers, overdrives, and effects that further position the Quad Cortex as the market’s leading solution and a must-have for guitarists, bassists, and other musicians.”

Photo: Neural DSP

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