Ola Englund Looks Back on How He Navigated Through Changes in Music Industry, Speaks Up on Much-Anticipated Solar Guitar Model

In a newly released fan-based Q&A video on his YouTube channel, Ola Englund looked back on how changes in music industry over the years affected him as a musician. After reading a fan question about what’s different between the ’90s and 2000s compared to today, he said (transcribed by Killer Guitar Rigs):

“I can probably not answer this question because, during the ’90s and 2000s, I wasn’t really in the music industry, or in the music biz. Sure, I had bands. And the bands that I had, we tried to get a record deal. That was the thing about the late ’90s and the 2000s was that, you know… The point with playing in a band… Obviously, we loved playing in a band, but… to exceed to the next level, we wanted to be signed by a record label.”

“And that was like OK, until then, we’re gonna record demos, and update our sound, new songs that are fresh… We were developing as a band as we went on. So, doing a full album and then release that, that really wasn’t a thing for us, that we needed to make an album.”

FEARED - Lords Resistance Army (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

“So we did demos. We worked on our sound, I was working on my production skills as well. Because I was producing these and learning how to record and produce. Record a drumkit, and guitar tones and all that. So it was a learning process a little bit. And I wouldn’t wanna release an album while I was learning and while the band was developing.”

“But we did our demos and we played our shows and all that. And then eventually we got a record deal and we did an album. But it sucked ass. Not the album, but the whole process sucked ass.”

“And then that’s when I decided to start my own thing and do Feared, and you know, go back to basics of… Why I would make music in the first place, and it’s… To have fun.”

“So, eventually, that was when I started YouTube as well. And all of that kinda kicked off. And now I’m in The Haunted, which is under a record deal and a record label. It’s changed a lot.”

Pantera - Cemetery Gates Solo Cover (Ola Englund)

“10 years ago, or like 5 to 10 years ago, when I was out doing clinics and stuff, I was talking a lot about how bands could get themselves out there today using social media and YouTube, and how they would do this. But nowadays… The industry works so quick, and the business side is changing so fast. None of the stuff I said 10 years ago it doesn’t make sense today.”

“I mean, fine, you still need to be on social media and be very active on social media and stuff, but… It’s become less important and maybe it’s going back a little bit about you know, just having the raw talent and actually making kickass music. That is more important now. Because people are getting sick and tired of social media.”

“So, I can’t say I can properly answer this question, but I gave it a try. And it’s been weird, man, seeing this. And how it’s changed so fast. It’s been really fast, man. So, yeah. Hope you got something out of that answer at least.”

Up next, he got to a question about the “X”-type guitar for his brand Solar that he’s been announcing this year. The model was announced a while back but no significant updates have been shared recently. Until now, with Ola explaining:

“For the past 3, years I’ve been dodging this question on and off. And I know people have been waiting for this, and my last promise was that 2022 was the year that we were gonna release the Solar X. And 2022 is kinda ending. If you haven’t noticed. There’s not really too many days left. Is there?”

“But… Calm down, guys. We’re gonna have an X this year, I promise. I promise, OK? You’re gonna see it, you’re gonna love it. Hopefully, you know.”

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“I love it. But you’re gonna love it as well, I hope. Just calm down.  A little bit extra time. I assure you it’s worth the wait, OK? Thank you so much, it’s a good question.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just taking a long time. Things are fucking taking a long time nowadays, man. You know, designing a guitar, making samples, mockups… Shit like that takes time. We have to make it good. And I’m not gonna release a shitty guitar. It has to be the sickest fucking guitar.”

Photo: S. Bollmann (The Haunted Rockharz 2015 11)

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